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Monday, July 21, 2008

today was another no makeup day...i was beyond tired and it stormed during the morning leaving no kind of motivation...

i've been thinking about a lot of my favorite shows...it being summer and all means there's not really that many good shows on

the new season of Run's House just began meaning it might or might not bleed into the fall...i find it unlikely since so many shows are scheduled to air on MTV in august (The Hills, Sweet Sixteen spin off, but this is a monday line up)

because of the writer's strike new shows aired during mid season, but not all shows decided to do that...one being my favorite Heroes...everyone at school always wonder how i watch so much TV and still manage to pass...

what's the meaning of this post...THERE'S NOTHING ON TV! there are those few exceptions: So You Think You Can Dance, America's Best Dance Crew, Bridezilla's (which is falling off) and that's about it...the fall is calling my name and i'm ready to answer, "I WANT MY TV SHOWS BACK!"

fall shows i'm yearning for:

The Game
Gossip Girl
The Hills
Ugly Betty

Stay oh so Chic!


Project Runway premiered last wednesday! i missed the original air time (the new time threw me off) but i'm so excited!

so of course i have to name my early favs: Jerell, Kelli, Terri, Blayne (he's a lil idk, but i feel he is going to create something FABULOUS!) and Korto...

this is going to be another great season!

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