I Have A New Blog!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I know, I know... it's been a while, but I am officially back to blogging and wanted to keep you updated on where you can find me.  I will be returning to YouTube, soon, but I am currently blogging at inHer GLAM, which is my recently launched fashion and lifestyle blog.  I have so many exciting directions that I want to go in terms of this site and want you all to be a part of it.  The blog is still technically "under construction" but I am posting almost daily and you can access the site to read posts, share and comment.  I also have an official Facebook page; when you visit the site just click the Facebook icon in the box (follow us) on the side of the screen and it'll take you directly to the page.  Please comment on both the page and website and share with your friends.  I appreciate all of those who commented and kept up with this blog when I was updating daily and I hope to see many of you at www.inherglam.com.




Friday, July 30, 2010

major changes are coming to my blog...unfortunately i have been having ridiculous computer problems. i'm typing this post from my ipod, but hopefully my issues will be remedied within the month of august. i have so many ideas and changes that i can't wait to explore and share...until then...


Style on a Budget!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So I have been doing a lot of bargain shopping...my thing is if I find it on clearance and I like AND I have the money for it, then get it!  I'm not going to post everything I got, but something I will talk about is the great deal I got on some style books.  The Waldenbooks near me, I believe, is closing in less than ten days.  I didn't know about it until I went in today and the store was just about empty.  Everything was AT LEAST 60% off.  

I was really looking for fiction books, but I happened to go near the self help books and found these style books...I couldn't pass it by, so I go the five pictured for $40!  I saved about $70...Style books can give you a lot of good information, especially if it's something you want to get into professionally or as a hobby for yourself personally.  I may do some reviews as I read through them, I don't know yet...but just wanted to let you all know about the deal I got.

Stay oh so Chic!


books purchased: That Extra Half an Inch by Victoria Beckham, Fierce Style by Christian Siriano, The Little Black Book of Style, The One Hundred and The Style Stratgey all by Nina Garcia


New Year, New Blog!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So I know I've been away for a while now, but I'm back!  Last semester I literally had no time for anything other than school and work.  I'll be starting my last semester of undergrad in two weeks and I'm excited to get done and move on with my life.  I have a lot to look forward to for this year and I can't wait for all that's in store!

My blog will be a little different.  I'm not going to promise a post everyday, because I don't won't to give false promises...but I can promise that the posts will be exciting and incorporate things that I love.  I am starting up my own freelance makeup and styling company...  So stuff dealing with that will be included in my blog.  The blog will focus mainly on makeup and fashion...occasionally I might throw some posts in about my personal life. 

The other topic I will post a lot on will be my hair!  I'm currently in month nine of my transition to natural!  I know, I know this is my second attempt, but I'm 5 months past the first try and I'm loving every minute of it!  I wear a lot of beanies and berets, but I've found protective styles that work for me too.  So look for posts and reviews on my natural journey and hair care.

I hope you continue visiting my blog and look forward to hearing from future new readers!

Stay oh so Chic!



Mississippi FOTDs and OOTDs

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mississippi Trip July 23-27

so this is a couple of weeks late (computer problems again) but these are FOTDs and outfits from my trip to Laurel/Pachuta, MS for my granny's church reunion/small family reunion...we left thursday night and got there friday morning and returned home monday evening...

i'm just going to list the pictures below in order of days...the first set starts on friday and ends on sunday

DISCLAIMER: please disregard the mess in the background...i took these in the hotel room that i shared with my brother and sister and they're kind of messy :P

ps...i got my business cards in the mail, i'm freelancing so i thought i should at least get some cards...



Sunday's Outfit

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Outfit and such...

so i have another outfit of the day...today i went to church and i wore a black tunic top, black skinny jeans and black wedged shoes with a bow on them plus my tear drop earring i got from forever21. i didn't wear any makeup just wore vs sweet nothing lipstick and vs wet lipgloss on the lips...

i did shop this weekend but i don't know if i'm going to post it. i just got a couple of basic tees from vs and a dress to wear to church when i go to mississippi this weekend so you'll see that dress when i post some time next week. i also impulsively bought a purse online at vs. it's a jessica simpson bag and it's gorgeous and was in the clearance section plus i got an extra 25% off so i couldn't pass it up because i was looking for a new purse anyway.

(the purse i ordered but i got it in black and idk about the long handle but it comes off)

but i hope you all had a wonderful weekend and hope the week to come is wonderful too!



Thursday's Outfit

Friday, July 17, 2009

i had to work yesterday and meant to put this up when i got off but i forgot so here's the outfit...

black stirrup jeans with a white pocket v-neck tee and pink flower earrings(we can't wear dangling earrings because a participant might snatch them off) and i wore black flats (not pictured) since we can't wear flip flops either

i didn't do any makeup just wore cherish and chai on the lips

hope your week's been well! enjoy the weekend!



Home Sweet Haul

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hauls & Home
so i finally have a haul...yipee! but i went back home over the weekend because i had it off and you add a wider range of stores and pay day and you get a haul of sorts. i ended up shopping friday and saturday because i found this absolutely gorgeous jumpsuit at macy's during their one day sale. it's not so cute on the hanger but is definitely cute on. i went back to the mall to get a skinny belt to go with it, but we know how hard it is to go to the mall and only get one thing so here's what i got below.

friday's trip:

i took my younger brother and cousin with me this day. i was NOT inspired when i went shopping and macy's was the last store i went to because i wanted to stop by mac, but this caught my eye i tried it on and fell in love!

here it is on with some yellow peep toe sandaled heels

i got lippies from mac- cherish lipstick and chai lipglass

got this from wetseal, i wanted pink but of course they only had blue left...

no trip home is complete without stopping by borders since there isn't one where i am only barnes and noble (which i don't particularly care for) i picked up 2 books from brenda jackson (one of my fave authors) so look out for book reviews soon!

saturday's trip:

i went shopping with my sister this day and she always stops by pacsun. i had been there the day before but didn't pay attention to the signs that read take an ADDITIONAL %50 off so i only got two tops because almost ALL of the smalls were gone...

i had originally went to forever 21 the day before looking for a specific floral skirt and was told they were out of it so i went back this day for accessories specifically a belt for my jumpsuit. why did i find the skirt when i went this day and they only had one in a small which fit but stopped right below the tush so i would've needed a medium...

you guys know i'm loving anything floral so i got this ring and the fushia earrings. the dangly ones were so cute to me and i might pair them with the jumpsuit...

these belts were only $2.50! i got them in sm/md and they only had 1 left in each size in the black so i got the last small one...i plan to pair the grey one with the jumpsuit.

i also have an outfit of the day and FOTD from saturday. i went to my little cousin's birthday party, she turned 2 and it was so beautiful out and the perfect day for outdoor activities so i didn't want to smoke out my makeup but didn't want to do the bronzey look either so i did a pinky purplish look.

with a pinky lipstick to the mall (vs sweet nothing)

with a nude @ the party (mac fresh brew & chai)

vs pink dress and brown buckle sandals with a small wedge

i also paired it with the flower ring and flower earrings (pic from the party)

that's about all i had an okay time at home but it's always nice to be able to go back to your own place. hope your week's been good and i['m trying to update more but ii haven't had much motivation. i'm open for any suggestions!



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