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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hauls & Home
so i finally have a haul...yipee! but i went back home over the weekend because i had it off and you add a wider range of stores and pay day and you get a haul of sorts. i ended up shopping friday and saturday because i found this absolutely gorgeous jumpsuit at macy's during their one day sale. it's not so cute on the hanger but is definitely cute on. i went back to the mall to get a skinny belt to go with it, but we know how hard it is to go to the mall and only get one thing so here's what i got below.

friday's trip:

i took my younger brother and cousin with me this day. i was NOT inspired when i went shopping and macy's was the last store i went to because i wanted to stop by mac, but this caught my eye i tried it on and fell in love!

here it is on with some yellow peep toe sandaled heels

i got lippies from mac- cherish lipstick and chai lipglass

got this from wetseal, i wanted pink but of course they only had blue left...

no trip home is complete without stopping by borders since there isn't one where i am only barnes and noble (which i don't particularly care for) i picked up 2 books from brenda jackson (one of my fave authors) so look out for book reviews soon!

saturday's trip:

i went shopping with my sister this day and she always stops by pacsun. i had been there the day before but didn't pay attention to the signs that read take an ADDITIONAL %50 off so i only got two tops because almost ALL of the smalls were gone...

i had originally went to forever 21 the day before looking for a specific floral skirt and was told they were out of it so i went back this day for accessories specifically a belt for my jumpsuit. why did i find the skirt when i went this day and they only had one in a small which fit but stopped right below the tush so i would've needed a medium...

you guys know i'm loving anything floral so i got this ring and the fushia earrings. the dangly ones were so cute to me and i might pair them with the jumpsuit...

these belts were only $2.50! i got them in sm/md and they only had 1 left in each size in the black so i got the last small one...i plan to pair the grey one with the jumpsuit.

i also have an outfit of the day and FOTD from saturday. i went to my little cousin's birthday party, she turned 2 and it was so beautiful out and the perfect day for outdoor activities so i didn't want to smoke out my makeup but didn't want to do the bronzey look either so i did a pinky purplish look.

with a pinky lipstick to the mall (vs sweet nothing)

with a nude @ the party (mac fresh brew & chai)

vs pink dress and brown buckle sandals with a small wedge

i also paired it with the flower ring and flower earrings (pic from the party)

that's about all i had an okay time at home but it's always nice to be able to go back to your own place. hope your week's been good and i['m trying to update more but ii haven't had much motivation. i'm open for any suggestions!


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