Stopping Debt! & Small Haul!

Friday, October 31, 2008

So today is another installment of stopping debt...

Tip #3:

If you MUST use your credit card set a limit and if you know you'll be tempted to spend, DON'T CARRY THE CARD WITH YOU! leave it at home!

Tip #4:

open up a savings account that doesn't require a minimum limit...some banks offer savings accounts that let you set a goal to reach and then rewards you for reaching that goal without fees or minimum balances...Fifth Third has a savings account like this!


i hauled a very small hall yesterday...i decided to stop by cvs since i was out that way and since they usually have a good selection of hair care products. i picked up the tresseme heat tamer, aussie moist conditioner and the orly top coat/bottom coat polish. i almost bought the organix conditioner, but stopped because it was the same price as other conditioners but way smaller! i'm liking the tresseme heat tamer so far, it leaves my hair really soft and it doesn't feel like there's a lot of product. i also got the orly because i heard it was really good at preserving your nail polish...

i also order OPI's you don't know jacques. i saw it on a blog and fell in love with the's like a taupe gray, plus the buyer has the polishes at a decent price...

i don't celebrate holloween, but i hope you all have a very very VERY safe my college town shuts down on holloween weekend, because of some bad riots that happened a few years yep! i think it's on youtube, type in (carbondale holloween riots) and watch the destruction! lol

Stay oh so Chic!



Healthy Eats!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

so i wanted to do a food post! i LOVE to eat and this post is just some healthier alternatives to turn to and help satisfy cravings without packing on the pounds! i eat all of the stuff listed below and love them which is why these are some of my favs...


i absolutely love these! i got a couple to try out and after a few minutes in the microwave, a little pepper(love my pepper) and parmesan cheese it was hard to put this little container down. i tried the zesty marinara since it was the only one without meat and it was delish! i definately will be buying more...great for a quick lunch or even late dinner!


lean pockets have a minimum selection for vegetarians...three cheese & broccoli and three cheese...but i love these for a snack or even for lunch. my fav is the three cheese and broccoli, i love cheese, but the three cheese got to be overbearing...that are many choices fro you meat eaters to choose from and they've even made them healthier by using whole grain bread!


i fell in love with this salad at a young age and still eat a lot of it...slice up some cucumbers and tomatos, sprinkle a little pepper and drizzle some red wine or italian dressing and you're in heaven! great alternative from your regular salad (i get a little sick of lettuce myself) also a great way to introduce these veggies (or fruits) into your kid's diet...look at the pretty colors!


i found these by accident and wanted more! if you have a problem getting your daily dose of fruits and are always on the go these are the drinks for you! it tastes so smooth and creamy and the flavors burst in your mouth. it's very refreshing!


i'm a chip lover and love the crunchiness of kettle cooked chips (my absolute fav is the mesquite bbq) but i could sit and just eat, eat, eat and forget to stop! i love these, because there's lesser fat, but i still get the crunchiness and that slight saltiness that i sometimes i don't feel so guilty eating a little more than i should!


i fell in love with these last year...i love cheese popcorn, especially white cheese, put these are even healthir and still taste cheesy yummy!


my bf will tell you that i go through at least two of these a day!! these bars are a healthy alternative to ice cream and's made of REAL fruit, it can't get any better than that! my fav flavors are strwberry and grape...stock upon these!

of course you can't stay completely healthy unless you drink plenty of WATER! it helps keep you cleansed and refreshed... the planet, skip the plastic!

Stay of so Chic!



Chilly Tuesday

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

OMG TODAY WAS SO COOOOLLLLDDDD! lol, but it really was's been warm which is how it usually i around this time of year, but i woke up this morning and said no! i'm a fall/winter fan and i'm from the chicago area, but i've been at school and used to this weather that it just kind of shocked me lol.

but i did do a FOTD, i did a kind of smokey green with a pink lip...

i wore my black gap trench and puuled out my green and black checkered scarve, because i was not playing with the cold and sickness today!

i look so WARM! lol

as you can see i relaxed my hair and i also trimmed the ends...i do plan on picking up some hair care products later this week.

on a side note, tell me why i came homw from school and the dog was locked in the bathroom! idk how the door got locked, but i panicked and just about broke the side of the door tryibg to get her out...but she's safe, lol.

Stay oh so Chic!



LOTD (finally!) & Hair Care

Saturday, October 25, 2008

i finally did a LOTD...i wanted to do a smokey fall day look that was suitable for work since i didn't want to look too clubby. this is a purplish/gray look...

of course i had to take one with my lovelies...

i also did a video! my first one in like forever!

i also relaxed my hair today...i'm trying to get my hair to looking healthier, because lately it's been looking really dry. i also want to grow it out a little so i guess i'll be tracking my progress on here! i tried the creme of nature relaxer (stepped outside my normal olive oil relaxer) and i actually really liked it. i use a lot of their products already, but i might switch to using their relaxer.

i also stopped at target and got some hair care products; along with some latex legging! and i picked up the aussie moist shampoo and the suave humectant conditioner...i know a lot of people use the nexxus, but i wanted to try it out since it was a cheaper alternative and it also claimed to work just as well as the nexxus...

i haven't used the shampoo yet, since i did a relaxer and used the neutralizing shampoo

after i shampooed i used the conditioner as a shampoo, rinsed then conditioned again adding honey to the mix...i don't know how the nexxus works, but i'm liking the suave so far, my hair feels really hydrated...
i'm going to continue buying different products and trying them out to see how they work for me...i might order some unrefined shea butter, but i'm looking for coconut oil...

Stay oh so Chic!


OMG!..SLB!& Hair

so i read the book The Secret Life of Bees since my mother got it for me and i actually loved it! the story is captivating and you feel like you're there with the women going through their struggles. since i read the book i naturally wanted to see the movie last week, but that didn't happen...but i do poan to see it soon.

on a SAD note...i found out about Jennifer Hudson's mother and brother's murder through a text last night (friday) at work. i didn't want to believe it, but it's obviously true and i feel it's truly sad and i'm praying for her and her family and that her nephew returns home safely.


i came across the keeping it simple sista blog and i an excited about getting my hair to an even healthier state. i've been doing my own relaxers, especially since i'm at school and i don't want to pay nor have the money for going to the shop, but i've been doing them and trimming my ends. i want to try out the unrefined shea butter and coconut oil and see how long i can get my hair. i don't want it too long, but atleast to the top of my bra strap...i think that's realistic.

i've been using the olive oil relaxer, but it's time for another one, been about 10 weeks, and i decided to try creme of nature's relaxer since i love their ohter products...i'll try to document my hair progress and post pics of my "hair journey" and should be relaxing my hair this weekend...

Stay oh so Chic! & keep j. hud and her family in your prayers!



Stopping Debt!

Friday, October 24, 2008

so i've decided to start doing some posts on reversing debt, mainly credit card debt, and getting control over your finances. every friday i'll do a debt post giving ideas and tips and also tracking my progress and hopefully yours so together we can elimante or better grasp a hold of our debt!

right now i have 3 credit cards...i have two visas and a old navy (ON) credit card. i've had one of my visas since i was 18, my ON card since the second half of my freshman year of college, and i just got my second visa this month.

now to get more personal...i have about $450 in debt on my first visa, $600 on ON, and about $200 on my new visa. my new card is emergency only, and was used for an emergency and also acts as overdraft protection for my bank account.


-even if you get your balance to beyond your means of income PAY THE MIN BALANCE, because this reflects better on your credit history showing that you keep up your payments month to month and you don't skip or miss a payment. missing a payment shows negativity on your credit history and adds late fees.

because this is my first debt post i'll give 2 tips today...


-if you feel you will be late, call the company and let them now! ask for an extension, which most companies can do, and if you can't get an extension make sure they put a note on your account saying when you will be able to pay so you can call back to have the late fee reversed.
*remember this is YOUR account and this affects YOUR credit history! they want their money and you can get the company to work for you!

Stay oh so Chic! & Debt Free!



Boo...then YAY!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

today started off so WRONG! my car started, but stopped on me at the gas station, because the spark plug keeps coming off. My debit card kept getting declined when i tried to get gas so i missed my midterm this morning, but i call and left my professor a message so hopefully i can make it up(he's a pretty nice guy)

i have to go to work today so i had to figure out how to get money to get to my job...i called my bank and since i STILL haven't received my card i just transferred enough money from it to get gas and my COMPUTER! i'm so happy, because i missed my still over heats and they say it's the manufacturing so i have to call hp AGAIN, but it's all clean and i'm now in the process of getting all my programs back on.

now i can get back to REALLY blogging and doing my vids and not have to worry about my trifling bf hogging the computer (even though i didn't do that to him with mine) but thought i'd give a quick update on my life so far...

Stay oh so Chic!


What was I Talking About?!

Monday, October 20, 2008

i just read over my previous post and i have no clue what i was talking about, i think i just typed what i was thinking which explains why it sounded so scattered.

i was talking about the economy, because of food choices as of late. since i've been in college i have eaten out A LOT, but now that i'm paying for everything i've been cutting back. last night we made pizza from scratch. the best crust is the JIFFY crust...i had spinach and tomatos (vegetarian thing) and he had turkey, spinach, tomatos and mushrooms...

it was tasty but it made me realize how i can't just call my fav itilian restaurant and get my penne pasta or cheese and tomato calzone...been eating a lot of pasta roni, rice a roni, lean pockets and french fries...quick and cheap, but i have been saving more by not eating out.

not that i get to see much of it, because the gas station takes it all...luckily the price where i am is down to $2.80/gallon (please let the $/barrel keep going down)

i've also been watching a lot of MSNBC thanks to the election. since my major is radio/tv we have to be "current" in the current events and for one of my classes i get quizes every week so that explains that...but this is what the post should've of originally been about...don't criticize me too bad, i was still a lil jumbled from the morning activities lol

Stay oh so Chic!


The Economy--POO!

so the economy has been kicking my a@@! i'm still waiting for all of my stuff to come from my bank and it's getting frustrating, because it's been like 3 weeks, but they said it should be coming any day now a week ago.

but anyways...since the economy is pooed i've been trying to find cheaper alternatives for food...meaning not so much eating out:<>

i haven't been shopping much lately (trying to get the credit card debt down) but i know i ravved about the open front cardigans and i saw one at target that i really want. it's $17 and they have a stone blue color that's to die for so that's on my future purchase list.

sorry no pics today, i'm supposed to be at school, but my car wouldn't start! my bf told me that if i left a little gas in my car when it started getting cold at night it would freeze and i wouldn't be able to start it. idk if that's what happened. but i'm sitting here in my PINK loungies upset, because i'm stuck in the apartment until he gets off work...

so i woke up early for nothing and i can't fall back to sleep...on another note my dance team started practicing again...we have a show the 29th! i thought i would review since i have nothing elose to do and there's nothing but re-runs on tv, but i can't find this ONE song! it's by rick ross, it's slow, everyone thinks it's called "rolling" but it's not because i can't find the right one anywhere. it goes "rolling, rolling, rolling" then i can't remember after that but it's slow and it repeats for like the first min of the song. if anyone has ANY idea of what it is or what it may be can you PLS let me know! i would appreciate it...

Stay oh so Chic!


New Puppy & My Shoes!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i got a new puppy last week! came home to yet another surprise from the exactly the type of dog i wanted, but she's still cute. i decided to name her Da'Lyla and get out of the habit of giving my pets royal names i.e. Duchess and Princess.

she is a handful, like every other puppy...she's a lab/terrier mix, so i hope she doesn't get too bi8g, because i didn't want a big dog to begin with...

princess warmed up to her quicker than she did harlee...still don't know what happened to her, but i think the bf does...

i absolutely ADORE this pic!

my shoes the bf ordered for me off delia's finally arrived yesterday! some of you know that this was in one of my top five lists and they are even cuter on and in person! i cannot wait for it to feel a little more like fall out here so i can wear's been raining a lot lately so i hope that's a sign saying goodbye 80 degree weather! i LOVE fall/winter!

Stay oh so Chic!


Doing What it Does Best...Rain

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

today was another rainy day...there hasn't been many since the school year started which is surprising, but i'm not fooled yet. i decided to do a smokey grayish, blue EOTD and kept it simple on the lips with my trusty vicky secrets beauty rush gloss in lotta coolada.

as promised my shorted pic post of my ON trip this weekend...very short...but i did do major grocery shopping and stopped at the liquor store...DAIQURIES!
$14.92 because of the sale they had over the weekend
2 for $14.92
the jacket is from gap...on sale for $30 originally $70

Stay oh so Chic!


YAY! I Can Post Again!

Monday, October 6, 2008

i'm so excited, because i should be getting my computer out the shop today...i switched banks so i've been waiting for all my stuff to come in the mail. i got the debit card on saturday so i should get the credit card this week...hopefully today.

i know, a credit card, but this is an emergency! but the bf brought a laptop back with him from home so i'll be using that for now even though i'm not too familiar with it as i am with my laptop.

but i went shopping this weekend, further increasing my credit. making the excuse that it was my birthday so i deserved it. i'm not in as much debt as i've seen with other people credit-wise, but i plan to pay everything off by next summer.

**tip** even if you spend more than you should, continue to pay at least the minimum balance, and if you feel you might miss the due date-CALL THEM! this is your credit and they want that money, so they'll extend the date for you or reverse the fees, but make sure to call ahead of time and always pay on time!

i'll post what i brought later...i'm not at home. and the bf was being extra nice to me and ordered me these shoes i wanted from delia's that i posted in an earlier i should be getting those soon too.

but other than that

Stay oh so Chic!


A Day Being 21!

Friday, October 3, 2008

so yesterday was my 21st birthday! it fell on a thursday this year...its getting closer to falling on the weekend, but i didn't do much (that's why i celebrate the whole weekend...will definitely party hard)

but since i had school the next day, i basically went to school, practice, delved in the birthday love and RELAXED!

finally have a FOTD and outfit!

wanted to look preppy, but not so i like it, mix it up! everything's from ON, except the t shirt is from wetseal.

did a smokey purple since that's the color of the season...

me & the bf...he thinks he's sexy, but he cooked me dinner & made brownies the night before...

still waiting for my present, he has to go home for the weekend:(

then of course miss princess had to take some pics...

all in all it was a nice birthday...not too crazy, but that's only because it wasn't the weekend so prepare for more craziness!

Stay oh so Chic!


before i forget, here are some previous FOTDs and a final summer outfit...HELLO FALL!

my lips came out a lil too orange for my liking...
this was a smokey gray...
this was a minimal look, just black eyeliner


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