New Puppy & My Shoes!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i got a new puppy last week! came home to yet another surprise from the exactly the type of dog i wanted, but she's still cute. i decided to name her Da'Lyla and get out of the habit of giving my pets royal names i.e. Duchess and Princess.

she is a handful, like every other puppy...she's a lab/terrier mix, so i hope she doesn't get too bi8g, because i didn't want a big dog to begin with...

princess warmed up to her quicker than she did harlee...still don't know what happened to her, but i think the bf does...

i absolutely ADORE this pic!

my shoes the bf ordered for me off delia's finally arrived yesterday! some of you know that this was in one of my top five lists and they are even cuter on and in person! i cannot wait for it to feel a little more like fall out here so i can wear's been raining a lot lately so i hope that's a sign saying goodbye 80 degree weather! i LOVE fall/winter!

Stay oh so Chic!

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