The Economy--POO!

Monday, October 20, 2008

so the economy has been kicking my a@@! i'm still waiting for all of my stuff to come from my bank and it's getting frustrating, because it's been like 3 weeks, but they said it should be coming any day now a week ago.

but anyways...since the economy is pooed i've been trying to find cheaper alternatives for food...meaning not so much eating out:<>

i haven't been shopping much lately (trying to get the credit card debt down) but i know i ravved about the open front cardigans and i saw one at target that i really want. it's $17 and they have a stone blue color that's to die for so that's on my future purchase list.

sorry no pics today, i'm supposed to be at school, but my car wouldn't start! my bf told me that if i left a little gas in my car when it started getting cold at night it would freeze and i wouldn't be able to start it. idk if that's what happened. but i'm sitting here in my PINK loungies upset, because i'm stuck in the apartment until he gets off work...

so i woke up early for nothing and i can't fall back to sleep...on another note my dance team started practicing again...we have a show the 29th! i thought i would review since i have nothing elose to do and there's nothing but re-runs on tv, but i can't find this ONE song! it's by rick ross, it's slow, everyone thinks it's called "rolling" but it's not because i can't find the right one anywhere. it goes "rolling, rolling, rolling" then i can't remember after that but it's slow and it repeats for like the first min of the song. if anyone has ANY idea of what it is or what it may be can you PLS let me know! i would appreciate it...

Stay oh so Chic!

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