What was I Talking About?!

Monday, October 20, 2008

i just read over my previous post and i have no clue what i was talking about, i think i just typed what i was thinking which explains why it sounded so scattered.

i was talking about the economy, because of food choices as of late. since i've been in college i have eaten out A LOT, but now that i'm paying for everything i've been cutting back. last night we made pizza from scratch. the best crust is the JIFFY crust...i had spinach and tomatos (vegetarian thing) and he had turkey, spinach, tomatos and mushrooms...

it was tasty but it made me realize how i can't just call my fav itilian restaurant and get my penne pasta or cheese and tomato calzone...been eating a lot of pasta roni, rice a roni, lean pockets and french fries...quick and cheap, but i have been saving more by not eating out.

not that i get to see much of it, because the gas station takes it all...luckily the price where i am is down to $2.80/gallon (please let the $/barrel keep going down)

i've also been watching a lot of MSNBC thanks to the election. since my major is radio/tv we have to be "current" in the current events and for one of my classes i get quizes every week so that explains that...but this is what the post should've of originally been about...don't criticize me too bad, i was still a lil jumbled from the morning activities lol

Stay oh so Chic!

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