Boo...then YAY!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

today started off so WRONG! my car started, but stopped on me at the gas station, because the spark plug keeps coming off. My debit card kept getting declined when i tried to get gas so i missed my midterm this morning, but i call and left my professor a message so hopefully i can make it up(he's a pretty nice guy)

i have to go to work today so i had to figure out how to get money to get to my job...i called my bank and since i STILL haven't received my card i just transferred enough money from it to get gas and my COMPUTER! i'm so happy, because i missed my still over heats and they say it's the manufacturing so i have to call hp AGAIN, but it's all clean and i'm now in the process of getting all my programs back on.

now i can get back to REALLY blogging and doing my vids and not have to worry about my trifling bf hogging the computer (even though i didn't do that to him with mine) but thought i'd give a quick update on my life so far...

Stay oh so Chic!

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