Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Let the Countdown Begin!

so this will be my final post of 08 after just 6 months doing this blog! this blog has grown so much from when i started and i look forward to major growth in the new year.

i love when a new year starts, because it's like starting new. i'm so ready for 08 to be over and for 09 to start, because i feel God has new and better things in store for me.

so because we're moving in to a new year, i had to start fresh with a new blog layout! i'm a libra and my life is all about balance. people who know me know that i stress this the most and my previous layout was not balanced at all. i felt cluttered and pushed to the right ( or left whichever way you look at it) side of the screen and felt like i was suffocating everytime i looked at it. so my new layout is well balanced allowing me not to have to put all my side posts on one side. sorry if you don't understand anything mentioned in this paragraph...it's a libra thing. or maybe just an eva thing...

as well with a new blog layout, my youtube and blog will be featuring new things in the new year. as for my blog, since youtube has been a complete jack, i will be posting blog only videos edited how i like with the music i want avoiding the possibility of my video either being pulled or not being able to be uploaded and my youtube will feature more personal videos so my subscribers get to better know who i am. i'm just feeling good about where i want to go and if somebody doesn't like it, they can get off or keep moving.

sadly, i will be spending my new years alone with my princess since i'm back at school and students are still on break and the bf has to go out of town for work. but oh well, i'm still going to have fun! i do have some things that i want to get done in the 09...

- i have 6 credit cards, but one i'm not paying someone else is, so really five and i want to pay off 3 of them by june, early july. i don't want to graduate with any credit card debt and will therefore only have student loans, boo!

- get a new car! nothing fancy or expensive, but something newer than what i have with not so many miles on it, because idk how much longer my little car is going to last. i have a 97 cavalier with over 150,000 miles on it and she's been acting up lately. my goal is a new car by the summer.

- get another job! the economy is kicking sears a** and i feel like they don't realize it! they keep pushing credit when people don't want it and they're cutting hours drastically. they must not realize people have rent and bills to pay, so i need another job before the new semester begins.

- right now i'm still saying i'm strecthing my relaxer, because i don't want to claim that i'm transitioning unles i'm going to do it all the way...i want to see my texture and see if i'll like working with it (i'm almost 9 weeks post) so far so good, but i'm stretching for the long run...09 means new hair regardless if it's relaxed or natural.

- SCHOOL, SCHOOL, SCHOOL! i love school, but i'm at my wits end. i want to pull my gpa up a little more before i get out (prayerfully in spring 2010) and do some things that i planned to do before gradution time rolls around.

those are just some major things i'm looking forward to for 09...

i'm definately going to do my last YT vid for 08, but it won't be in the post...you can check my video bar ALL the way at the bottom or my page later today...

with all of that being said, i hope everyone has a safe and wonderful new year's celebration and i'll see you (or read you) in the 09!

Stay oh so Chic into the New Year!



Christmas Recap!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

i hope you guys had a WONDERFUL christmas! mine was lovely...

i couldn't leave for the chi until christmas eve because of work and the roads were HORRIBLE! if i wasn't in rain, i was in snow...but i get here safely and in one piece.

my fam met over my cousin's house for our first ever christmas eve dinner, because they wouldn't be able to make it to granny's for christmas. it was fun and nice to be around the fam after so many months...


outfit of the night

hello kitty tee - $4 on sale @ macy's
tunic cardigan - $10 on sale @ macy's
black skinny jeans - $15 on sale @ macy's
CL boots - $40 on sale @ macy's

playing around in the car...loving the lights going thru the pics...

for christmas we did the usual, went to granny's and exchanged gifts, although this one was different...not as much food as usual (i think the christmas eve dinner threw everyone off) but my granny still fried chicken.


outfit of the night

plaid shirt - $20 on sale @ macy's
latex leggings - $15 @ target
CL boots - $60 on sale @ macy's

as i stated in a previous post i only wanted 2 things for christmas, the ipod touch and the nikon s60 (ashton kutcher camera) my boyfriend is getting the ipod next week and my parents got me the camera. they got me a red kodak cam, because the one they wanted to get was sold out :( but she gave me the receipt and said i could go back and get the camera i wanted if it was in stock. so now i have a sony t77 which i absolutely LOVE!

i went to best buy and played around with the sony and nikon and the picture quality on the nikon wasn't as good as it should of been for a $300 camera and the sony, which cost the same but was on sale, had a much better quality. me needing a new camera was part of the reason why i haven't made any videos recently (which is a whole new post)

the camera is a touch screen as well and i guess i kind of fall into the brand loyalty category since my previous camera was a sony also.

i got my new cam today after multiple best buys sent me off about when their trucks were coming in and what was actually on it. i took this pic with the new cam...i wish you didn'[t have to buy the colored ones online...i couldn't give in to paying the shipping...

so that was my christmas guys! i supposed to go back to the dale tomorrow so pray for safe travel mercies! hope you all had a blessed and wonderful christmas and lets get ready for the new year!

Stay oh so Chic!



I Want to be...Downtown! & Hauling for Hair Care

Saturday, December 20, 2008

so i made a quick hair run because i needed to pick up a few things before my wash day tomorrow. i went to this vitamin outlet around the corner from my apartment, it was actully smaller than it apeared to be from the outside. i mainly wanted to look at the pricing to see if they would be cheaper than gnc or walmart. i'm going to my parents house for a few days (christmas, yay!) so i plan to do some heavy shopping. i might just get vitamins when i go there. my school is in the country, so there's not that many options available for shopping, so waiting until i visit them means i get to go downtown!

i know, totally off of hair and vitamins, but i am SO NOT a country, spaced out living type of girl. i lived 20 minutes from downtown chicago and loved it...shopping, restaurants and did i say shopping. i also just liked to hop on the train in the morning during the summer and spend ALL DAY downtown going from store to store and returning BROKE! but yea, i can't wait...

but back to what this post is really about...i did pick up some extra virgin coconut oil from there for $11. i then headed to sally's and picked up a full bottle of the aphogee two min reconstructurer. i finished the lil pack and loved the results after the second use, so i got a bottle since it was on sale. i also wanted to try the silk elements moisture treatment deep conditioner. i use the ors replenish conditioner or pak and love it, but heard good things about the silk elements so i brought two packs of that. it usually takes me about two uses to see if i really like something.

so that's what i hauled for my hair today. going back to the chi also means my beauty supply stores!! i have been out of my cream of nature original formula shampoo since august and they only have the new formula down here, but i know just where to go when i get back to pick up a couple of bottles of the good stuff :P and i also get to buy some more nyx stuff. i hate shopping online when i know i can get to it in person. plus i get to shop, shop, shop! i know, i've been talking about shopping a lot in this post, but when you go to a school that doesn't have a lot of good stores around it and everyone shops at the SAME place, you HAVE to shop online. i'm sorry, but i'm original and i refuse to be limited to the same overly purchased clothing everyone else buys so we can all look like we're related or "twins", but we're not...

but yep, hope the weekend's going good and you're feeling the holiday spirit. i have to work the close shift again tonight. we close at 11, boo, but yep!

Stay oh so Chic!



All I Want for Christmas...

Friday, December 19, 2008

I Want...

i don't really want much for christmas, you could just give me money or a couple of gift cards and i'd be a happy lil lady...but if you did want to know what i wanted for christmas just look below...

christmas wishlist by divamee

the bf is already getting the touch and my parents are a little iffy on the camera ( i mean it is a $300 camera) so i might just get it as a present for myself. i know, i know! you're a fashionista! no clothes, shoes or even a bag?! i'm also very picky so people already know just give me the cash or the card. and often i don't like to go through what i like and don't like, because it can get long and complicated for the other person, so they just provide the funds for me to do it on my own...


Stopping Debt Friday!

okay, so "stopping debt friday" has returned! i know it's the holidays and everyones out cautiously spending in this recession that our country has found itself in...so, i just paid some bills, feeling good and supposedly have a decent refund check coming next month from school (which most is going to credit cards!) so i'm feeling peachy!

but because of the season and all and previous comments on the debt -osts i want to open up stopping the debt to you guys! yes, YOU! feel free to leave a comment giving a tip or two on how you've stopped or continuing to combat that icky, yicky thing called debt! leave it below and i'll feature the tips/advice in future "stopping debt " posts!

Stay oh so Chic! & DEBT FREE!



My Hair Story

Thursday, December 18, 2008

it's been a while...

so i've been mia for a little bit, and no it wasn't because of finals...i actually didn't really have problems studying or stressing over them, but my job has been giving me this crazy late hours since it's the holiday season and we're closing later so i just haven't been up to sitting and typing and uploading...:P and i know i missed a couple of "stopping debt fridays" which will hopefully resume tomorrow. i've just truthfully been lounging and the bf has me hooked on the sims! idk why it's so addicting to me, but i've gotten out of getting lost in the game for the past week and i've re-entered reality...

but this post is about my HAIR! yes, i feel like i can tell what its been through and where i'm at or trying to go. so i got my hair pressed and curled and weaved up until about the fourth grade. my hair was a little past shoulder length and my mother, not really a big hair person herself (she did the dies and cuts, you know the hair styles that were out in the eighties, early nineties) but she didn't have the patience for my hair so i started getting lye relaxers. i don't remember my hair or it's texture all i know is that by the time i got to the end of my fifth grade year i had a new stylist and she suggested i cut my hair because it was so damaged.

i was going through this wanting short hair phase anyway so i said okay, and after my mother's approval i got the "halle berry nineties cut." thus the hair drama began. i was okay with the cut for about 2 weeks and then i was over it which is why i will never cut my hair short again (hopefully) i had to go through trying to grow it out, but my stylist kept cuting it so, after my granny's complaints about my hair not being able to grow because it keeps getting cut and my frustration with my hair, i stopped going to my stylist and just let my aunt or cousin do it.

i did this until high school, meanwhile my mother is still going to the stylist, and because i really needed my hair done and it's high school i decided to go back to her around my junior year. "oh your hair grew so much, i haven't seen you inso long" yea, i know. but of course there was some reason for my hair to be cut agian. i said no, only trim, which for her is a cut. my hair stayed neck length all through the rest of high school until now. my last straw before i decided to relax my own hair was the cutting. i only trust a select few in my hair: my aunt, two cousins and the stylist. so since i'm away at school, i would wait until breaks to go hame and let one of them do my hair, so i'm gong months withou a relaxer and getting good growth, but i would go to the stylist and i'm back where i started.

the last straw, or two was this summer. i have A LOT of layers, so when i sat in the chair and she asked if i wanted my layers redone because they grew out, i hesitated because i thought they were still there, but said go ahead ahe's the stylist she knows what she's doing...i got out that chair and my hair was so short i CRIED when i got in the car i was so upset. that was in may. i went back in july and she said that i should think about getting a bob, because it's more workable and i could keep my length in the front, but bye to the the back. she told me to think about it for when i came back the next time. yall don't know how fast i hustled out of there after she was done and i never looked back! she has been my stylist for a LONG time, but she is very scissor happy and i feel if i want to get the growth that i want i need to do it on my own.

i started the healthy hair trip last year before i knew about the growth forums and videos and now i want the length. i could let my aunt or cousins do my hair, but they don't like to work with the new growth. so here's my dilemma. i keep thinking about going natural, but i know i'll get frustrated and put a relaxer in. i don't want to go through the transitioning or big chopping, and then go back to relaxers because i would be highly upset. my thing is if it becomes a hassle or becomes work i won't do it. it's the same for my healthy eating which is why i don't count calories, get on scales or do diets...it's all more than what i think i need to do. my mother doesn't think i would be able to do the natural thing, but i want to see and work with my natural texture...i'll be 8 weeks post on saturday. i usually go 10 weeks, but i was thinking about 12. now i'm thinking about going longer just to see if i like what's growing in.

i'm upset, because i want to relax for christmas, but i won't be and now my mother wants to take family pics...if anyone has any advice or something, let a sister know! but sorry for such a long post...

here are some new growth shots, dry, that i took today and i also have a fotki...i have too many picture accounts (photobucket, flickr, fotki) and it's not much on there, but i plan to get more up soon. i've been using a no lye relaxer since my first big cut in fifth grade and i use ors in regular, i've used cream of nature once and i liked it, but idk what i'm going to use the next time i relax...

first cut she did in may that was a part of the final straw...

second cut in july, she cut it into really short layers :(

most recent shot of hair, straight, after a relaxer taken in early november (not a good shot, but you can see that the back grew out) i also trimmed the ends a lil

so that's my hair story, feel free to give me any tips or advice that you may have! and as always...

Stay oh so Chic!



Almost Done with Finals!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


i'm so glad this week is almost over! my last final is tomorrow at 12:50, wish me luck! it shouldn't be too bad though!

i did another FOTD for you ladies...i noticed that i've been using a lot of makeup that i haven'[t used in a while. i had to pull out my pink e/s from sinful colrs and do something with that today with none other than a nude lip...

i also did another vid today...this one is short, but the one i originally did i didn't check if my head could be seen, so the top part of me was cut off. i just did a video to show my braid out results since i re-did that hot mess of a two strand twist out...that was not hot! but here's the short vid!

Stay oh so Chic!



Study Break!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


i hope everyone has been getting through their finals so far...i had my first one today, an essay one so you know how that goes...

i did do a FOTD since i do have to work tonight, kept very simple since it is raining and i close tonight...

here's the outfit i wore today...
mossimo tissue tee - on sale $9.99
ON cropped skinnies - on sale $9.99
A.E. scarf - $20
CL boots - on sale $39.99

i also did a hair vid...i know i had a post with some vids i did over the weekend up, but youtube deleted them and the process frustrated me to the point where i just said forget it! so this is a hair vid. i did the 2 strand twist, but just to get some curl and i honestly don't like it. i wash on sundays and wednesdays, so i;ll probably wash this out and do a braid out or bantu knots...it just didn't give me volume like the other two and it didn't curl how i thought it would curl...

but here's the vid!

so just thought i'd do a post for the week so far and i realized to day that i didn't do a "stopping debt" post...sorry! but it shall resume on friday!
so continued luck for your finals!

Stay oh so Chic!



Friday was only 2 Days Ago...

Sunday, December 7, 2008


so friday was sooo depressing! i had so much drama with school and registering...the devil is trying to keep me down here and it's not happening!

but the bf was nice and wanted to cheer me up so we went out to eat...i love my food!

here's my EOTN...i pulled out the jesse's girl and my pink hip metallic duo...

my outfit for the night...cute & casual

vs pink tee...$22.50
jeans...ON $25
a.e. scarf...$20
cl boots...on sale $39.99

we went to best buy and then had to find somewhere without a long wait to eat...i wanted cracker barrel, but there was a 40 MINUTE WAIT! so we decided to go to ruby tuesday's, but they were CLOSED DOWN! i was like can this day get ANY more worse...

walking into best buy...

after stopping at walmart and having a short argument he just pulled up to this restaurant called ryan's. neither one of us knew what this place was so we went in and it was a buffet! i don't particularily care for buffets...idk, something about so many people hovering over the food and it sitting out so long...but i actually like it! the dessert WAS NOT good, except fot the ice cream, but everthing else i ate was pretty good...

the restaurant...
in the car...

so that was about it for my weekend...i had to work yesterday so didn't do much but lounge around and make a video...hope your weekend great & good luck on finals!

Stay oh so Chic!




so i was tagged by glamour me up to do a questions tag...i have to tag 7 people so...








now for the questions... i can only answer with one word so let's try...

where is your cell phone? BED

where is your significant other? BED

your hair color? BROWN

your mother? CHURCH

your father? CHURCH

your favorite thing? FOOD!

your dream last night? NIGHTMARISH...

your dream/goal? STABILITY

the room you're in? BEDROOM

your hobby? MAKEUP

your fear? GOD

where do you want to be in 6 years? CONTENT

where were you last night? SLEEP

what you're not? CRAZY ;/

one of your wish list items? CAMERA!!!!

where you grew up? SUBURBS...

the last thing you did? EAT!!

what are you wearing? PJs

your tv? OFF

your pet? AROUND...

your computer? USING

your mood? SPIRITED

missing someone? BROTHER :(

your car? SICK

something you're not wearing? SOCKS

favorite store? MACY'S

your summer? OVERWORKED!

love someone? ONLY-LOVE ====>

your favorite color? GREY!!

when is the last time you laughed? EARLIER

last time you cried? YESTERDAY :<(

are you a bitch? SOMETIMES :O

favorite position? HHMM...

favorite past time? BLOGGING-VIDEOS :p

are you a hater or a lover? LOVER

are you genuine or fake? GENUINE :)

any vices? IDK...

pro life or wire hanger? PRO LIFE

mccain or obama? !!OBAMA!!

pro plastic or natural? MIDDLE...


so that's it! A LOT OF QUESTIONS, but fun all the same.


Time to Flatten For Real This Time!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

FOTD for all you lovelies...!

today i was feeling a little smokey like...been feeling that way for a while, i guess it's the season. i did a smokey reddish, brownish type of thing. i used my milani spiced which i love to use to add a smidge of color along with flame...this is what it came out as with nyx smokey look on the lips...

Work it Out!

so, i've been looking in the mirror a lot lately and noticed my stomach has lost it's hardness...i blame living off campus with a car and not having to walk as much as before, so now i have to get back to my walking (i mean i do have a dog that could get walked) and continue my healthy eating.

if i didn't eat the way i do i probably would've gained more wait than i have. i'm also cutting out the fried goodness (fries and cheese sticks) for a WHILE. i just had to take a step back and figure out what was causing the weight gain (not as much physical activity, increased intake of BK and Arby's, not watching my portions, and eating late) the bf is also a reason, because sometimes i wait for him to get off to eat dinner and i don't like to eat after 8 or neither of us feel like cooking so we take run to a fast food restaurant.

luckily i caught it early before i would've had a major set back and been veryupset, so by christmas i should be back to looking how i was before the school year started, but i'm taking it further because i'm getting more defined abs! but i went to walmart and picked up a couple of exercise dvds to help me: Denise Austin's "Best Belly Fat-Blasters" and Billy Blank's "Celebrity Taebo."

i wasn't really feeling billy and tried to take him back but walmart wouldn't take it, the girl was like i could only exchange for the same thing...WHAT? i'mbringing i tback because i don't want it, so why would i exchange for the exact same thing...so since i don't want to waste 14 bucks i'm giving billy a second chance. i really wanted the 10 year aniversary dvd. but i AM loving denise austin.
the dvd combines 7 of her fav workouts...and let me tell you she WORKS THEM ABS OUT! i love it! they're each 10 minute workouts, you could do one a day or create your own workout combining them in different orders.

but yep, thought i'd drop in on what's been going on with my health...i have a teast in the morning, blah! and finals next week, yikes! i'm just ready for the semester to be over so i can take my month long break :O but good luck on your finals if i don't check in again this week!

Stay oh so Chic!



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