Time to Flatten For Real This Time!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

FOTD for all you lovelies...!

today i was feeling a little smokey like...been feeling that way for a while, i guess it's the season. i did a smokey reddish, brownish type of thing. i used my milani spiced which i love to use to add a smidge of color along with flame...this is what it came out as with nyx smokey look on the lips...

Work it Out!

so, i've been looking in the mirror a lot lately and noticed my stomach has lost it's hardness...i blame living off campus with a car and not having to walk as much as before, so now i have to get back to my walking (i mean i do have a dog that could get walked) and continue my healthy eating.

if i didn't eat the way i do i probably would've gained more wait than i have. i'm also cutting out the fried goodness (fries and cheese sticks) for a WHILE. i just had to take a step back and figure out what was causing the weight gain (not as much physical activity, increased intake of BK and Arby's, not watching my portions, and eating late) the bf is also a reason, because sometimes i wait for him to get off to eat dinner and i don't like to eat after 8 or neither of us feel like cooking so we take run to a fast food restaurant.

luckily i caught it early before i would've had a major set back and been veryupset, so by christmas i should be back to looking how i was before the school year started, but i'm taking it further because i'm getting more defined abs! but i went to walmart and picked up a couple of exercise dvds to help me: Denise Austin's "Best Belly Fat-Blasters" and Billy Blank's "Celebrity Taebo."

i wasn't really feeling billy and tried to take him back but walmart wouldn't take it, the girl was like i could only exchange for the same thing...WHAT? i'mbringing i tback because i don't want it, so why would i exchange for the exact same thing...so since i don't want to waste 14 bucks i'm giving billy a second chance. i really wanted the 10 year aniversary dvd. but i AM loving denise austin.
the dvd combines 7 of her fav workouts...and let me tell you she WORKS THEM ABS OUT! i love it! they're each 10 minute workouts, you could do one a day or create your own workout combining them in different orders.

but yep, thought i'd drop in on what's been going on with my health...i have a teast in the morning, blah! and finals next week, yikes! i'm just ready for the semester to be over so i can take my month long break :O but good luck on your finals if i don't check in again this week!

Stay oh so Chic!


3 ponderers:

Yas December 5, 2008 at 1:24 AM  

Oh hunnie you are good. If I could only get rid of a few greasies and replace with some healthier stuff I would have better tone. Lets see now if this post can motivate my lazy butt.

DIVAme*E December 5, 2008 at 7:35 AM  

girl, you can do it! the hardest partis getting up and giving up some of the food,but after that it gets easier :)

Glamour Me Up ♥ December 7, 2008 at 12:56 AM  

Cute look girl!! oohh and tag mama!! your it!! check out my blog for details!! have fun!&Hearts;

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