New Vid & NYX Haul!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

i'm finally posting the video and pics from friday's work wearable look #2...i had another very pretty look that i did yesterday, but was rushing so i couldn't take pics and was too tired to do it when i got off...

this is the look from friday...



Small Haul...

my stuff i ordered from cherry culture also came on friday...i took advantage of the nyx sell they had and got five things...

i got two lipsticks: chambrod & java, 1 lip gloss: smokey look, 1 lip liner: coffee and 1 eyeliner in black...i love it all, but the java lipstick is not what i thought it was going to look like. i knew the swatches on the site were off so i used the ones on the nyx website but it still was a little more shimmery than i thought...more in the gold family.



here i am wearing a new fav Smokey Look...

so that's about it...hope you all had a wonderful weekend, got lots of new goodies and ate good food...

Stay oh so Chic!



Stopping Debt Friday!

Friday, November 28, 2008

HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY PEOPLE...well late black friday :P

so today's debt post is later than usual because i had to work 1 to 10 today and it honestly was not as busy as i thought it was going to actually felt like a saturday :(


EVERYTHING is online nowadays, but believe me when i say that if you think you have a certain amount of money looking online, then come back later and see you're probably could've been avoided. take it from someone who knows...BALANCE THAT BOOK! that way you know right there the CORRECT amount of money you should have. and if it;s off then CALL THE BANK and get your account figured out!


some stores, mostly banks, offer no interest for the first six months. it's easy to put off paying because that interest isn't piling up. believe me, that six months goes by FAST. pay the card off before the six months is up or get it to as low of a balance as you can, because when those interest rates kick in and can get hard trying to keep up.


i did a work wearable look again today, but it's late, i'm tired and i have to be at work at 10 in the i'll post that tomorrow. i also received my goodies from cherry culture, only five things, but i was excited to see that box sticking out the mail box after a long day on my feet.

but until next time...or tomorrow ;O

Stay oh so Chic!



Look @ That HAIR!

Monday, November 24, 2008

so it was about that time of the week again!

i had been wearing a braid out since wednesday because i washed again that day due to my hair not cooperating, but it was time for me to wash it out...i usually only wear a braid out for 3, maybe 4 days...

i had planned to do a video, but that didn't quite work out, so the next wash i will try to do one...

i did a co-wash when i washed on wednesday and i just really needed to shampoo, so i prepared my hair for the shampoo by pre-pooing with my vo5 moisture milk conditioner and extra virgin olive oil... i kept that in for about an hour and a half while i did my laundry and then rinsed and shampooed with my aussie moist shampoo since i'm out of my cream of nature...i then conditioned with my suave humectant and left that in for a couple of minutes, rinsed then deep conditioned by mixing my tressemme smooth and silky conditioner with honey...i just eye balled it and applied to my hair in sections. i left that on for about an hour while i watched the AMA's (beyonce snapped!) i then washed that out and put in my cream of nature leave in and lightly spritzed the aphogee green tea recontructor i let my hair air dry until it wasn't wet, just damp then i blow dried holding the dryer about 10 inches from my hair... i didn't dry it COMPLETELY dry, but enough so that it was straight and then applied my ORS moisturizer and sealed with a little olive oil. i made sure i moisturized my ends and edges good and put my satin tie cap on and called it a night!

just a little pictorial of one of my wash routines...i'm still looking for some coconut oil! i think i found a couple of health food stores down here so i plan to make a trip very soon...

Stay oh so Chic!



Stopping Debt Friday! & more.

Friday, November 21, 2008

i know, i know...i usually do this post a little bit earlier, but it has been a long day. got paid today and what was the first thing i had to do? pay credit cards lol, so that brings me into this weeks stopping debt tips...


-i for the longest have had just two credit cards, but i have recently added 3 (yes i know) more and will be closing the 2 that i have already had after i finish paying them off. be realistic about what type of credit cards you have, don't give into the right there promotion satisfaction. you should have at least 1 bank credit card and if you MUST have a store credit card, look at what the benefits are that come with the card. get rid of cards you either don't use or don't need.


-i absolutely LOVE direct deposit, because it eliminates the trip to the bank. many companies let you decided how many, usually about 2, accounts you want your paycheck to go into. set your direct deposit up so that every time you get paid you automatically have money going into you checking AND savings. try to get about 15-30% of your check going into a savings account...believe me you NEVER know when you may need that extra money (i surely learned that these past few month!)


so this week has been BLAH! nothing but tests and papers in preparation for the thanksgiving break...poo me i have to stay in the dale for thanksgiving because of work, but nothing really note worthy to mention.

i hauled some goodies from VS! what girl doesn't love VS pink? they have the panty party going on, 7/25, so i picked up some undies and i also got a tee and hoodie...

i purchased some stuff off of cherry culture so i could take advantage of the nyx promo they had going on that ends today [NYX25] so some how the address it gets shipped to got screwed and i've been trying to contact them, THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS! like no one answers the phon eyou have to leave a message and i don't want my makeup to go to my parents house 5/6 hours away :( so i'm upset about that.

then i made a video today, but i don't know if i'm going to post it, just a review and haul of the stuff mentioned above...didn't realize my laundry was that visible behind me...i'll probably post it if my computer ever gets out of this recovery phase!

this calls for a text color change! so i sent hp my computer last week so they could fix the wireless, which they did, and i get it back and it works fine that night...i wake up, turn the computer on and it's doing the same thing it was doing back in august, so i call them up and after he has me doing things to the computer for an hour he tells me i need a new hard drive, which is what i said FOUR MONTHS AGO! but they were going to make me pay all this money, but this time they couldn't charge me since i just got my computer back from them for the wireless, so he had to send me a new hard drive and recovery disk and it's supposed to take 4-6 hours, i'm only somewhere in hour #2! so hopefully this will be the last of the laptop drama, and i'm warranted for the next 90 days which is long enough for me to invest in a mac!

so that's about it...pray for me, because i have to work 8 am to 3:30 pm tomorrow and we're having this CRAZY sale, but other than that...

Stay oh so Chic!



Just A Lot of...EVERYTHING!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

just took a mickey d's run...ate a egg and cheese biscuit, hash brown...and drank a much needed cup of coffee...

princess loves her coffee too...

so it's been a LONG weekend, mostly saturday. i had to work 2:30 to close and we had this GINORMOUS sale so of course it was HECTIC! this makes me a little scared for the day after thanks giving...
but anywho, i'll rewind and start with friday...


went to class as usual and carbondale did what it does best...RAIN! i was supposed to take back my hollister sweater, but i keep leaving it at home:( i think they made that sweater for REALLY skinny wasn't working!

i had to pick up a few hair things so i stopped by walgreens to get my olive oil hair lotion and remembered...i wanted to try the aphogee stuff. so i hauled it over to sally's to see if they had it (i forget that we have a sally's down here) and after not seeing it and finally asking I FOUND IT! of course they would be sold out of what i actually came for...the 2 minute i bought the sample with 2 uses and the keratin & green tea spray...

then i had to get ready for my performance for my dance team, sorry no pics, but i did this eye that i ABSOLUTELY LOVED!

afterwards i came home for my weekly shampoo...usual routine is prepoo, shampoo, condition with humectant, deep condition with tressemme & honey, leave-in, air dry, moisturize then blow dry...take all that but add the 2 minute reconstructor after deep conditioning and the keratin & green tea spray after that and i have to say i LOVE the spray stuff, i would have to give the other stuff a couple more rounds to see how i'm truly feeling about it...

deep conditioning and making enchiladas...YUM!

i just really like this one :P


i fell asleep before blow drying so i had to do that when i woke up, lounged then rushed off to work around 2 something running late...already mentioned how hectic that day was, but i did a really quick haul at target during my break. i needed another makeup bag, but smaller for my lippies, because I CARRY TOO MANY IN MY PURSE! so i got a cute little one that has skulls on it which i HATE skulls and i'm still contemplating blacking them out and cutting it off the i also picked up some honey roasted peanuts ;}

my LIPPIES! they like their new home 8>


now i'm sitting here letting my breakfast digest and finishing uploading my video i did thursday...i'm without my beloved laptop so i'm using the bf's and his software is older (he's supposed to be upgrading but who knows when that will happen) and the quality of my video kind of, no, REALLY SUCKS! but it's a lip product tag video...

i pre-warn you that i look a lil coo coo in the vid...but i wasn't on anything nor was i was a NATURAL HIGH...

the tag vid!

that's all for now me lovelies! i have to start on my paper and get some laundry done...

Stay oh so Chic!



Stopping Debt Friday!

Friday, November 14, 2008

so today is another installment of STOPPING THE DEBT!


-many banks have begun to offer alerts systems that help you manage your account anywhere you are! you can you can adjust the alerts to know when money is being taking out, how much is being taken out, who's taking it out, when things post, when you're below a certain amount, when you're overdrawn and so much more! some banks even offer text alerts for no extra charge so you can check up on your account virtually anywhere!


-everyone wants something and we often push the needs aside to get the wants. the wants eat up at the money you DON'T have! before making that want purchase stop and run through the list of everything that needs to be payed for...if you can splurge then do it! but if you haven't gotten the priorities out of the way PUT IT BACK! it'll still be there when you come back. budget a day or two just for the wants so your needs don't get eaten up!

Stay oh so Chic! & Debt Free!



Happy Verteran's Day!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


today since there's no school i went for a more minimal fresh faced look...liner, mascara & nude lipstick.

so i picked up a couple of things over the weekend/week so was stuff i either needed or wanted to try out.

so i had to get a clarifying shampoo and got the suave for a dollar and some change

i've been putting off getting the l'oreal carbon black liquid liner and finally got the applicator, i'm wearing this liner in the pic above^

so i've been wanting to try falsies and got 2 nyc lashes for like $1.74 at target...i tried to put them on just playing around and it's NOT working! i think my lahes are too long because they KEEP GETTING IN THE WAY! lol, but i'm def going to get them to work...i'm wearing these bad boys!

the lipstick that i actually order from MAC came today! fresh brew (lustre) is a GORGEOUS nude, LOVE IT! i'm also wearing this in the pic above^
swatch of fresh brew...


i'm finally doing a review on a couple of hair products that i've previously purchased over the past couple of weeks...

i absolutely LOVE the conditioner...i've only used the shampoo once and even with prepooing it still leaves my hair feel stripped. i'm going to give a try again, but the conditioner is total can instantly feel how soft and moisturized your hair feels once you put it in!

i've been deep conditioning with this tressemme conditioner and my hair feels SO MUCH STRONGER! i love the little pump and i feel that i get way more than my moneys worth with this stuff ($3.98/bottle) definitely pick this up! it leaves your hair feeling so smooth, soft and manageable!

i had to get a new SOMETHING for my hair at night. i had been using a silk wrap thing, but by the morning that thing would be on the floor! i picked this silk bonnet tie thing up at walmart for a dollar and some change...LOVE THIS! the tie is so convenient and help to ensure that i wake up with that thing on my head! if you're a wild sleeper i would definitely recommend getting this!



i've decided to add another lil segment to my blog..."FASHION TREND." here i'll highlight a trend and give examples on different ways to wear the trend...

this trend post focuses on the latex leggings. i was a little scared of this one, but once i tried them on i instantly fell in love! here's my video giving some examples of ways to wear the trend...

here are bigger pics of the outfits from the video...


So Hood! by divamee


Greyed Leggings by divamee


Party Chic! by divamee

so yep! that's it, i know this was a LONG post, but i think it was worth it and a fun read...hope you all had a good day and week so far!

Stay oh so Chic!



Work Wearable

Sunday, November 9, 2008

so i did a work wearable look yesterday since i had some time...this is 1 look of many work looks that i have, it just depends on the day and time. but here's some pics and the video...

also look out for my video on versatile ways to wear latex leggings...

the video...

Stay oh so Chic!


Stopping Debt Friday!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Tip #5: Add Up Everything You Owe!

- Check your statements and know how much you owe each company early so you can pay at least the minimum or more by the due date and avoid late fees. This also helps put into perspective how much debt you have and help you fight the urge to swipe!

Tip #6: Enroll Online!

-Most, if not all, credit card companies have services that let you seeing your statement online before it's mailed. This helps you be able to constantly check your account for spending, balances and even the chance of fraud. So set up those online account and always be in the know of what's going on with your money so you avoid any surprises in the future!

Stay oh so Chic!



MAC & VS Haul!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

i finally hauled some makeup! just lip stuff, but i so needed it. it was time for me to update my staple's been VS lotta coolada and i needed something new. i also like to change it up a little every so often...

here are the swatches as promised...

Stay oh so Chic!




Tuesday, November 4, 2008




Weekend Roundup!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

i hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend! it's been a long one, especially since daylight savings time changed to day so it feels like sunday is taking FOREVER!

friday i went to my lil sister's basketball tournament...she only played on game though. i also hit up walmart and got tressemme conditioner with silk protiens and a vo5 moisture milk shampoo.

outfit i wore to the game...
sweater - ON on sale $10
polo - ON on sale $10
skinny jeans - ON $25
blowfish sneaker/boots $50

then me and the bf went out to eat at lone star steak house...i don't eat meat, but i do like to go to steakhouses because they feel so warm and cozy like lol. but i had fun and the food was good too!
FOTD: smokey metallic gold

outfit for dinner
blazer - ON on sale $15
graphic tee - h&m on sale $5
latex leggings - target $13
hot kiss booties on sale $20

omg my peach drink thing was so good...of course there was alcohol in it, but i got the biggest size (and payed for it later) and he had long island ice teas...
he had this steak with shrimp and lobster sauce on top, he claims it was good...i had cheese fries and spinach and artichoke dip yum!

saturday was a big poo...i worked all day, open to 4:30, then we just ordered calzones from my fav italian restaurant dimaggio's...

today has been lllooooonnnggg!!!! time fell back an hour, so naturally i woke up at 6 something and i've been up ever since. i finally couldn't take it anymore and took a trip to the mall...why idk, but as usual EVERYTHING was on sale! so of course i picked up a few things...

sweater - hollister on sale $30
chinese laundry boots - macy's on sale $60

i picked up this frangrance set from jessica simpson, jessica's fancy, at macy's. the fragrance lady sold me and this stuff smells so GOOD! it's different from my other perfumes and it comes with a lotion, body wash, perfume roll and spray bottle all for $65...just the spray bottle was $75...i think the set was a good deal! i also got to choose a free bag and i chose the gold guess duffel style bag...can't wait to wear it.

so that was my weekend! now i have to prepare for school again, poo and tests, double poo...but the semester is a lil more than half over and i can't wait for it to be completely over! lol

Stay oh so Chic!



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