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Friday, November 21, 2008

i know, i know...i usually do this post a little bit earlier, but it has been a long day. got paid today and what was the first thing i had to do? pay credit cards lol, so that brings me into this weeks stopping debt tips...


-i for the longest have had just two credit cards, but i have recently added 3 (yes i know) more and will be closing the 2 that i have already had after i finish paying them off. be realistic about what type of credit cards you have, don't give into the right there promotion satisfaction. you should have at least 1 bank credit card and if you MUST have a store credit card, look at what the benefits are that come with the card. get rid of cards you either don't use or don't need.


-i absolutely LOVE direct deposit, because it eliminates the trip to the bank. many companies let you decided how many, usually about 2, accounts you want your paycheck to go into. set your direct deposit up so that every time you get paid you automatically have money going into you checking AND savings. try to get about 15-30% of your check going into a savings account...believe me you NEVER know when you may need that extra money (i surely learned that these past few month!)


so this week has been BLAH! nothing but tests and papers in preparation for the thanksgiving break...poo me i have to stay in the dale for thanksgiving because of work, but nothing really note worthy to mention.

i hauled some goodies from VS! what girl doesn't love VS pink? they have the panty party going on, 7/25, so i picked up some undies and i also got a tee and hoodie...

i purchased some stuff off of cherry culture so i could take advantage of the nyx promo they had going on that ends today [NYX25] so some how the address it gets shipped to got screwed and i've been trying to contact them, THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS! like no one answers the phon eyou have to leave a message and i don't want my makeup to go to my parents house 5/6 hours away :( so i'm upset about that.

then i made a video today, but i don't know if i'm going to post it, just a review and haul of the stuff mentioned above...didn't realize my laundry was that visible behind me...i'll probably post it if my computer ever gets out of this recovery phase!

this calls for a text color change! so i sent hp my computer last week so they could fix the wireless, which they did, and i get it back and it works fine that night...i wake up, turn the computer on and it's doing the same thing it was doing back in august, so i call them up and after he has me doing things to the computer for an hour he tells me i need a new hard drive, which is what i said FOUR MONTHS AGO! but they were going to make me pay all this money, but this time they couldn't charge me since i just got my computer back from them for the wireless, so he had to send me a new hard drive and recovery disk and it's supposed to take 4-6 hours, i'm only somewhere in hour #2! so hopefully this will be the last of the laptop drama, and i'm warranted for the next 90 days which is long enough for me to invest in a mac!

so that's about it...pray for me, because i have to work 8 am to 3:30 pm tomorrow and we're having this CRAZY sale, but other than that...

Stay oh so Chic!


2 ponderers:

Diva Style November 24, 2008 at 7:39 PM  

Hey I was reading your blog on debt, and just wanted to tell you...don't close the ones you pay off ...that could affect your credit rating negatively. Instead keep them open, shred them and never use again. Just my two cents. Your debt will still be eliminated, but you still have credit at your disposal which looks good to creditors or those reviewing your credit report...and you still look extra responsible since you're not maxing the cards out like a crazy person! :-)

DIVAme*E November 24, 2008 at 10:29 PM  

thanks for the tip! i wanted to keep it open, because one is already shredded, but i didn't want to be tempted :P but i might just keep them open anyway so my credit isn't badly affected...thanks again!

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