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Monday, November 24, 2008

so it was about that time of the week again!

i had been wearing a braid out since wednesday because i washed again that day due to my hair not cooperating, but it was time for me to wash it out...i usually only wear a braid out for 3, maybe 4 days...

i had planned to do a video, but that didn't quite work out, so the next wash i will try to do one...

i did a co-wash when i washed on wednesday and i just really needed to shampoo, so i prepared my hair for the shampoo by pre-pooing with my vo5 moisture milk conditioner and extra virgin olive oil... i kept that in for about an hour and a half while i did my laundry and then rinsed and shampooed with my aussie moist shampoo since i'm out of my cream of nature...i then conditioned with my suave humectant and left that in for a couple of minutes, rinsed then deep conditioned by mixing my tressemme smooth and silky conditioner with honey...i just eye balled it and applied to my hair in sections. i left that on for about an hour while i watched the AMA's (beyonce snapped!) i then washed that out and put in my cream of nature leave in and lightly spritzed the aphogee green tea recontructor i let my hair air dry until it wasn't wet, just damp then i blow dried holding the dryer about 10 inches from my hair... i didn't dry it COMPLETELY dry, but enough so that it was straight and then applied my ORS moisturizer and sealed with a little olive oil. i made sure i moisturized my ends and edges good and put my satin tie cap on and called it a night!

just a little pictorial of one of my wash routines...i'm still looking for some coconut oil! i think i found a couple of health food stores down here so i plan to make a trip very soon...

Stay oh so Chic!


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ShanSoPink November 25, 2008 at 12:07 PM  

I think that I've seen coconut oil in wal mart, in the section with the vitamins and things

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