Stopping Debt Friday!

Friday, November 28, 2008

HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY PEOPLE...well late black friday :P

so today's debt post is later than usual because i had to work 1 to 10 today and it honestly was not as busy as i thought it was going to actually felt like a saturday :(


EVERYTHING is online nowadays, but believe me when i say that if you think you have a certain amount of money looking online, then come back later and see you're probably could've been avoided. take it from someone who knows...BALANCE THAT BOOK! that way you know right there the CORRECT amount of money you should have. and if it;s off then CALL THE BANK and get your account figured out!


some stores, mostly banks, offer no interest for the first six months. it's easy to put off paying because that interest isn't piling up. believe me, that six months goes by FAST. pay the card off before the six months is up or get it to as low of a balance as you can, because when those interest rates kick in and can get hard trying to keep up.


i did a work wearable look again today, but it's late, i'm tired and i have to be at work at 10 in the i'll post that tomorrow. i also received my goodies from cherry culture, only five things, but i was excited to see that box sticking out the mail box after a long day on my feet.

but until next time...or tomorrow ;O

Stay oh so Chic!


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