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Sunday, November 16, 2008

just took a mickey d's run...ate a egg and cheese biscuit, hash brown...and drank a much needed cup of coffee...

princess loves her coffee too...

so it's been a LONG weekend, mostly saturday. i had to work 2:30 to close and we had this GINORMOUS sale so of course it was HECTIC! this makes me a little scared for the day after thanks giving...
but anywho, i'll rewind and start with friday...


went to class as usual and carbondale did what it does best...RAIN! i was supposed to take back my hollister sweater, but i keep leaving it at home:( i think they made that sweater for REALLY skinny people...it wasn't working!

i had to pick up a few hair things so i stopped by walgreens to get my olive oil hair lotion and remembered...i wanted to try the aphogee stuff. so i hauled it over to sally's to see if they had it (i forget that we have a sally's down here) and after not seeing it and finally asking I FOUND IT! of course they would be sold out of what i actually came for...the 2 minute reconstructor...so i bought the sample with 2 uses and the keratin & green tea spray...

then i had to get ready for my performance for my dance team, sorry no pics, but i did this eye that i ABSOLUTELY LOVED!

afterwards i came home for my weekly shampoo...usual routine is prepoo, shampoo, condition with humectant, deep condition with tressemme & honey, leave-in, air dry, moisturize then blow dry...take all that but add the 2 minute reconstructor after deep conditioning and the keratin & green tea spray after that and i have to say i LOVE the spray stuff, i would have to give the other stuff a couple more rounds to see how i'm truly feeling about it...

deep conditioning and making enchiladas...YUM!

i just really like this one :P


i fell asleep before blow drying so i had to do that when i woke up, lounged then rushed off to work around 2 something running late...already mentioned how hectic that day was, but i did a really quick haul at target during my break. i needed another makeup bag, but smaller for my lippies, because I CARRY TOO MANY IN MY PURSE! so i got a cute little one that has skulls on it which i HATE skulls and i'm still contemplating blacking them out and cutting it off the zipper...plus i also picked up some honey roasted peanuts ;}

my LIPPIES! they like their new home 8>


now i'm sitting here letting my breakfast digest and finishing uploading my video i did thursday...i'm without my beloved laptop so i'm using the bf's and his software is older (he's supposed to be upgrading but who knows when that will happen) and the quality of my video kind of, no, REALLY SUCKS! but it's a lip product tag video...

i pre-warn you that i look a lil coo coo in the vid...but i wasn't on anything nor was i intoxicated...it was a NATURAL HIGH...

the tag vid!

that's all for now me lovelies! i have to start on my paper and get some laundry done...

Stay oh so Chic!


4 ponderers:

Beauty Gumbo more than just makeup November 16, 2008 at 11:38 AM  

Love your blogspot!

DIVAme*E November 16, 2008 at 11:44 AM  


jenn November 23, 2008 at 12:53 PM  

Please ask your friend to send me his eyes caz I lovee them. Thanks :)

DIVAme*E November 23, 2008 at 2:05 PM  

lol i'll make sure to do that jen!

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