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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


today since there's no school i went for a more minimal fresh faced look...liner, mascara & nude lipstick.

so i picked up a couple of things over the weekend/week so far...it was stuff i either needed or wanted to try out.

so i had to get a clarifying shampoo and got the suave for a dollar and some change

i've been putting off getting the l'oreal carbon black liquid liner and finally got it...love the applicator, i'm wearing this liner in the pic above^

so i've been wanting to try falsies and got 2 nyc lashes for like $1.74 at target...i tried to put them on just playing around and it's NOT working! i think my lahes are too long because they KEEP GETTING IN THE WAY! lol, but i'm def going to get them to work...i'm wearing these bad boys!

the lipstick that i actually order from MAC came today! fresh brew (lustre) is a GORGEOUS nude, LOVE IT! i'm also wearing this in the pic above^
swatch of fresh brew...


i'm finally doing a review on a couple of hair products that i've previously purchased over the past couple of weeks...

i absolutely LOVE the conditioner...i've only used the shampoo once and even with prepooing it still leaves my hair feel stripped. i'm going to give a try again, but the conditioner is total love...you can instantly feel how soft and moisturized your hair feels once you put it in!

i've been deep conditioning with this tressemme conditioner and my hair feels SO MUCH STRONGER! i love the little pump and i feel that i get way more than my moneys worth with this stuff ($3.98/bottle) definitely pick this up! it leaves your hair feeling so smooth, soft and manageable!

i had to get a new SOMETHING for my hair at night. i had been using a silk wrap thing, but by the morning that thing would be on the floor! i picked this silk bonnet tie thing up at walmart for a dollar and some change...LOVE THIS! the tie is so convenient and help to ensure that i wake up with that thing on my head! if you're a wild sleeper i would definitely recommend getting this!



i've decided to add another lil segment to my blog..."FASHION TREND." here i'll highlight a trend and give examples on different ways to wear the trend...

this trend post focuses on the latex leggings. i was a little scared of this one, but once i tried them on i instantly fell in love! here's my video giving some examples of ways to wear the trend...

here are bigger pics of the outfits from the video...


So Hood! by divamee


Greyed Leggings by divamee


Party Chic! by divamee

so yep! that's it, i know this was a LONG post, but i think it was worth it and a fun read...hope you all had a good day and week so far!

Stay oh so Chic!


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jenn November 23, 2008 at 12:55 PM  

The last outfit is fire.
I would so rock it if I didnt hate my arms..lol.

I got that silk head thing at Rose beauty supply. It's the damn truth!

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