Christmas Recap!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

i hope you guys had a WONDERFUL christmas! mine was lovely...

i couldn't leave for the chi until christmas eve because of work and the roads were HORRIBLE! if i wasn't in rain, i was in snow...but i get here safely and in one piece.

my fam met over my cousin's house for our first ever christmas eve dinner, because they wouldn't be able to make it to granny's for christmas. it was fun and nice to be around the fam after so many months...


outfit of the night

hello kitty tee - $4 on sale @ macy's
tunic cardigan - $10 on sale @ macy's
black skinny jeans - $15 on sale @ macy's
CL boots - $40 on sale @ macy's

playing around in the car...loving the lights going thru the pics...

for christmas we did the usual, went to granny's and exchanged gifts, although this one was different...not as much food as usual (i think the christmas eve dinner threw everyone off) but my granny still fried chicken.


outfit of the night

plaid shirt - $20 on sale @ macy's
latex leggings - $15 @ target
CL boots - $60 on sale @ macy's

as i stated in a previous post i only wanted 2 things for christmas, the ipod touch and the nikon s60 (ashton kutcher camera) my boyfriend is getting the ipod next week and my parents got me the camera. they got me a red kodak cam, because the one they wanted to get was sold out :( but she gave me the receipt and said i could go back and get the camera i wanted if it was in stock. so now i have a sony t77 which i absolutely LOVE!

i went to best buy and played around with the sony and nikon and the picture quality on the nikon wasn't as good as it should of been for a $300 camera and the sony, which cost the same but was on sale, had a much better quality. me needing a new camera was part of the reason why i haven't made any videos recently (which is a whole new post)

the camera is a touch screen as well and i guess i kind of fall into the brand loyalty category since my previous camera was a sony also.

i got my new cam today after multiple best buys sent me off about when their trucks were coming in and what was actually on it. i took this pic with the new cam...i wish you didn'[t have to buy the colored ones online...i couldn't give in to paying the shipping...

so that was my christmas guys! i supposed to go back to the dale tomorrow so pray for safe travel mercies! hope you all had a blessed and wonderful christmas and lets get ready for the new year!

Stay oh so Chic!


4 ponderers:

Kim @ A.L.O.S. December 27, 2008 at 11:00 PM  

Your hair looks great! How did you get it like that? Congrats on the new camera. I'm an SIUC alum, didn't realize you were a student there.

DIVAme*E December 28, 2008 at 3:09 AM  

thank you, i did bantu or twisty knots. and yes i go there, you went there 2, yay go salukis lol

Ms. Vanessa December 28, 2008 at 11:24 PM  

Girl, you're gonna LOVE the ipod touch. I got one for christmas and *sings* I looooovvvee iiiiiitttt! LMAO! I can't put that thing down for more than an hour unless I have to charge it.

DIVAme*E December 29, 2008 at 9:35 AM  

lol, i can't wait i'll probably be that way too

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