Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Let the Countdown Begin!

so this will be my final post of 08 after just 6 months doing this blog! this blog has grown so much from when i started and i look forward to major growth in the new year.

i love when a new year starts, because it's like starting new. i'm so ready for 08 to be over and for 09 to start, because i feel God has new and better things in store for me.

so because we're moving in to a new year, i had to start fresh with a new blog layout! i'm a libra and my life is all about balance. people who know me know that i stress this the most and my previous layout was not balanced at all. i felt cluttered and pushed to the right ( or left whichever way you look at it) side of the screen and felt like i was suffocating everytime i looked at it. so my new layout is well balanced allowing me not to have to put all my side posts on one side. sorry if you don't understand anything mentioned in this paragraph...it's a libra thing. or maybe just an eva thing...

as well with a new blog layout, my youtube and blog will be featuring new things in the new year. as for my blog, since youtube has been a complete jack, i will be posting blog only videos edited how i like with the music i want avoiding the possibility of my video either being pulled or not being able to be uploaded and my youtube will feature more personal videos so my subscribers get to better know who i am. i'm just feeling good about where i want to go and if somebody doesn't like it, they can get off or keep moving.

sadly, i will be spending my new years alone with my princess since i'm back at school and students are still on break and the bf has to go out of town for work. but oh well, i'm still going to have fun! i do have some things that i want to get done in the 09...

- i have 6 credit cards, but one i'm not paying someone else is, so really five and i want to pay off 3 of them by june, early july. i don't want to graduate with any credit card debt and will therefore only have student loans, boo!

- get a new car! nothing fancy or expensive, but something newer than what i have with not so many miles on it, because idk how much longer my little car is going to last. i have a 97 cavalier with over 150,000 miles on it and she's been acting up lately. my goal is a new car by the summer.

- get another job! the economy is kicking sears a** and i feel like they don't realize it! they keep pushing credit when people don't want it and they're cutting hours drastically. they must not realize people have rent and bills to pay, so i need another job before the new semester begins.

- right now i'm still saying i'm strecthing my relaxer, because i don't want to claim that i'm transitioning unles i'm going to do it all the way...i want to see my texture and see if i'll like working with it (i'm almost 9 weeks post) so far so good, but i'm stretching for the long run...09 means new hair regardless if it's relaxed or natural.

- SCHOOL, SCHOOL, SCHOOL! i love school, but i'm at my wits end. i want to pull my gpa up a little more before i get out (prayerfully in spring 2010) and do some things that i planned to do before gradution time rolls around.

those are just some major things i'm looking forward to for 09...

i'm definately going to do my last YT vid for 08, but it won't be in the post...you can check my video bar ALL the way at the bottom or my page later today...

with all of that being said, i hope everyone has a safe and wonderful new year's celebration and i'll see you (or read you) in the 09!

Stay oh so Chic into the New Year!


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