I Want to be...Downtown! & Hauling for Hair Care

Saturday, December 20, 2008

so i made a quick hair run because i needed to pick up a few things before my wash day tomorrow. i went to this vitamin outlet around the corner from my apartment, it was actully smaller than it apeared to be from the outside. i mainly wanted to look at the pricing to see if they would be cheaper than gnc or walmart. i'm going to my parents house for a few days (christmas, yay!) so i plan to do some heavy shopping. i might just get vitamins when i go there. my school is in the country, so there's not that many options available for shopping, so waiting until i visit them means i get to go downtown!

i know, totally off of hair and vitamins, but i am SO NOT a country, spaced out living type of girl. i lived 20 minutes from downtown chicago and loved it...shopping, restaurants and did i say shopping. i also just liked to hop on the train in the morning during the summer and spend ALL DAY downtown going from store to store and returning BROKE! but yea, i can't wait...

but back to what this post is really about...i did pick up some extra virgin coconut oil from there for $11. i then headed to sally's and picked up a full bottle of the aphogee two min reconstructurer. i finished the lil pack and loved the results after the second use, so i got a bottle since it was on sale. i also wanted to try the silk elements moisture treatment deep conditioner. i use the ors replenish conditioner or pak and love it, but heard good things about the silk elements so i brought two packs of that. it usually takes me about two uses to see if i really like something.

so that's what i hauled for my hair today. going back to the chi also means my beauty supply stores!! i have been out of my cream of nature original formula shampoo since august and they only have the new formula down here, but i know just where to go when i get back to pick up a couple of bottles of the good stuff :P and i also get to buy some more nyx stuff. i hate shopping online when i know i can get to it in person. plus i get to shop, shop, shop! i know, i've been talking about shopping a lot in this post, but when you go to a school that doesn't have a lot of good stores around it and everyone shops at the SAME place, you HAVE to shop online. i'm sorry, but i'm original and i refuse to be limited to the same overly purchased clothing everyone else buys so we can all look like we're related or "twins", but we're not...

but yep, hope the weekend's going good and you're feeling the holiday spirit. i have to work the close shift again tonight. we close at 11, boo, but yep!

Stay oh so Chic!


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