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Thursday, December 18, 2008

it's been a while...

so i've been mia for a little bit, and no it wasn't because of finals...i actually didn't really have problems studying or stressing over them, but my job has been giving me this crazy late hours since it's the holiday season and we're closing later so i just haven't been up to sitting and typing and uploading...:P and i know i missed a couple of "stopping debt fridays" which will hopefully resume tomorrow. i've just truthfully been lounging and the bf has me hooked on the sims! idk why it's so addicting to me, but i've gotten out of getting lost in the game for the past week and i've re-entered reality...

but this post is about my HAIR! yes, i feel like i can tell what its been through and where i'm at or trying to go. so i got my hair pressed and curled and weaved up until about the fourth grade. my hair was a little past shoulder length and my mother, not really a big hair person herself (she did the dies and cuts, you know the hair styles that were out in the eighties, early nineties) but she didn't have the patience for my hair so i started getting lye relaxers. i don't remember my hair or it's texture all i know is that by the time i got to the end of my fifth grade year i had a new stylist and she suggested i cut my hair because it was so damaged.

i was going through this wanting short hair phase anyway so i said okay, and after my mother's approval i got the "halle berry nineties cut." thus the hair drama began. i was okay with the cut for about 2 weeks and then i was over it which is why i will never cut my hair short again (hopefully) i had to go through trying to grow it out, but my stylist kept cuting it so, after my granny's complaints about my hair not being able to grow because it keeps getting cut and my frustration with my hair, i stopped going to my stylist and just let my aunt or cousin do it.

i did this until high school, meanwhile my mother is still going to the stylist, and because i really needed my hair done and it's high school i decided to go back to her around my junior year. "oh your hair grew so much, i haven't seen you inso long" yea, i know. but of course there was some reason for my hair to be cut agian. i said no, only trim, which for her is a cut. my hair stayed neck length all through the rest of high school until now. my last straw before i decided to relax my own hair was the cutting. i only trust a select few in my hair: my aunt, two cousins and the stylist. so since i'm away at school, i would wait until breaks to go hame and let one of them do my hair, so i'm gong months withou a relaxer and getting good growth, but i would go to the stylist and i'm back where i started.

the last straw, or two was this summer. i have A LOT of layers, so when i sat in the chair and she asked if i wanted my layers redone because they grew out, i hesitated because i thought they were still there, but said go ahead ahe's the stylist she knows what she's doing...i got out that chair and my hair was so short i CRIED when i got in the car i was so upset. that was in may. i went back in july and she said that i should think about getting a bob, because it's more workable and i could keep my length in the front, but bye to the the back. she told me to think about it for when i came back the next time. yall don't know how fast i hustled out of there after she was done and i never looked back! she has been my stylist for a LONG time, but she is very scissor happy and i feel if i want to get the growth that i want i need to do it on my own.

i started the healthy hair trip last year before i knew about the growth forums and videos and now i want the length. i could let my aunt or cousins do my hair, but they don't like to work with the new growth. so here's my dilemma. i keep thinking about going natural, but i know i'll get frustrated and put a relaxer in. i don't want to go through the transitioning or big chopping, and then go back to relaxers because i would be highly upset. my thing is if it becomes a hassle or becomes work i won't do it. it's the same for my healthy eating which is why i don't count calories, get on scales or do's all more than what i think i need to do. my mother doesn't think i would be able to do the natural thing, but i want to see and work with my natural texture...i'll be 8 weeks post on saturday. i usually go 10 weeks, but i was thinking about 12. now i'm thinking about going longer just to see if i like what's growing in.

i'm upset, because i want to relax for christmas, but i won't be and now my mother wants to take family pics...if anyone has any advice or something, let a sister know! but sorry for such a long post...

here are some new growth shots, dry, that i took today and i also have a fotki...i have too many picture accounts (photobucket, flickr, fotki) and it's not much on there, but i plan to get more up soon. i've been using a no lye relaxer since my first big cut in fifth grade and i use ors in regular, i've used cream of nature once and i liked it, but idk what i'm going to use the next time i relax...

first cut she did in may that was a part of the final straw...

second cut in july, she cut it into really short layers :(

most recent shot of hair, straight, after a relaxer taken in early november (not a good shot, but you can see that the back grew out) i also trimmed the ends a lil

so that's my hair story, feel free to give me any tips or advice that you may have! and as always...

Stay oh so Chic!


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Kim @ A.L.O.S. December 18, 2008 at 4:44 PM  

Hi! Love your blog. Do you take any vitamins? I find that vits, lots of water, and eating right are the key to my hair growth. When I slack on those things my hair suffers.

DIVAme*E December 18, 2008 at 5:34 PM  

hey, thanks! i used to take vitamins when i was younger, bc i'm a vegetarian, but i've since stopped. i've been thinking about taking them again, but i have to find the right ones that don't have animal in them. :P i do drink lots of water (sometimes too much) and eat healthy, plus exercise. thank you for letting me know what helps you!

Yas December 19, 2008 at 3:32 AM  

Hey beautiful. OMG gorgeous baby sis has similar hair (I'm obviously the adopted one) and we tried the cholesterol & pink lotion and periodic relaxer treatments (so the hair could stay stronger) and fortifying the diet with jello (gelatin). These days she says she also loves Biosilk, & the Chi iron for maintenance along with Paul Mitchell Super Skinny and a heat protector (very important with heat styling tools like flat irons). I'm not sure what you're looking for babe so I just figured I'd post whatever I know. And the vitamin tip is good too. I really like your hair grown out so the healthier you can keep your hair, the better when growing it out. Sending you hugs and I hope maybe this helps;)

DIVAme*E December 19, 2008 at 10:09 AM  

thanks yas, any advice helps! i've heard about the chhi, biosilk and paul mitchel serum (all good things) so i did want to try them out. and i've been thinking about the vitamin thing and was going to make a trip to this vitamin outlet by my house.

Kim @ A.L.O.S. December 19, 2008 at 11:19 AM  

I also like this product and have had great results:

Dwana January 1, 2009 at 5:54 PM  

"i keep thinking about going natural, but i know i'll get frustrated and put a relaxer in. i don't want to go through the transitioning or big chopping, and then go back to relaxers because i would be highly upset."
I have the SAME dilemma! I know me, I might relax before I do a BC. Girl, I got a relaxer in my vanity room calling my name! I'm holding up pretty good.

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