Stopping Debt! & Small Haul!

Friday, October 31, 2008

So today is another installment of stopping debt...

Tip #3:

If you MUST use your credit card set a limit and if you know you'll be tempted to spend, DON'T CARRY THE CARD WITH YOU! leave it at home!

Tip #4:

open up a savings account that doesn't require a minimum limit...some banks offer savings accounts that let you set a goal to reach and then rewards you for reaching that goal without fees or minimum balances...Fifth Third has a savings account like this!


i hauled a very small hall yesterday...i decided to stop by cvs since i was out that way and since they usually have a good selection of hair care products. i picked up the tresseme heat tamer, aussie moist conditioner and the orly top coat/bottom coat polish. i almost bought the organix conditioner, but stopped because it was the same price as other conditioners but way smaller! i'm liking the tresseme heat tamer so far, it leaves my hair really soft and it doesn't feel like there's a lot of product. i also got the orly because i heard it was really good at preserving your nail polish...

i also order OPI's you don't know jacques. i saw it on a blog and fell in love with the's like a taupe gray, plus the buyer has the polishes at a decent price...

i don't celebrate holloween, but i hope you all have a very very VERY safe my college town shuts down on holloween weekend, because of some bad riots that happened a few years yep! i think it's on youtube, type in (carbondale holloween riots) and watch the destruction! lol

Stay oh so Chic!


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