Chilly Tuesday

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

OMG TODAY WAS SO COOOOLLLLDDDD! lol, but it really was's been warm which is how it usually i around this time of year, but i woke up this morning and said no! i'm a fall/winter fan and i'm from the chicago area, but i've been at school and used to this weather that it just kind of shocked me lol.

but i did do a FOTD, i did a kind of smokey green with a pink lip...

i wore my black gap trench and puuled out my green and black checkered scarve, because i was not playing with the cold and sickness today!

i look so WARM! lol

as you can see i relaxed my hair and i also trimmed the ends...i do plan on picking up some hair care products later this week.

on a side note, tell me why i came homw from school and the dog was locked in the bathroom! idk how the door got locked, but i panicked and just about broke the side of the door tryibg to get her out...but she's safe, lol.

Stay oh so Chic!


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