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Monday, October 6, 2008

i'm so excited, because i should be getting my computer out the shop today...i switched banks so i've been waiting for all my stuff to come in the mail. i got the debit card on saturday so i should get the credit card this week...hopefully today.

i know, a credit card, but this is an emergency! but the bf brought a laptop back with him from home so i'll be using that for now even though i'm not too familiar with it as i am with my laptop.

but i went shopping this weekend, further increasing my credit. making the excuse that it was my birthday so i deserved it. i'm not in as much debt as i've seen with other people credit-wise, but i plan to pay everything off by next summer.

**tip** even if you spend more than you should, continue to pay at least the minimum balance, and if you feel you might miss the due date-CALL THEM! this is your credit and they want that money, so they'll extend the date for you or reverse the fees, but make sure to call ahead of time and always pay on time!

i'll post what i brought later...i'm not at home. and the bf was being extra nice to me and ordered me these shoes i wanted from delia's that i posted in an earlier post...so i should be getting those soon too.

but other than that

Stay oh so Chic!

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