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Thursday, July 17, 2008

YAY! i'm back on i felt a lil better even though my eye's still a lil sore...but here's the outfit shot today, it was hot so i had on an orange tank & jeans...

on my break i played with a bunch of my eyeliners adding a new highlight color & cleaning up my browsies...

Stay oh so Chic!

so today i finally opened the infamous Lash Blast...i think i kinda like it lol...i would compare this to HIP's volumizing mascara only this made the lashes a lil separates the lashes and i LOVE the can feel it gripping the lashes...

i give this 3 DIVA KISSES!

______________________________ was in my kitchen rummaging through the "junk drawer" (you know the drawer everyone throws anything in) and came across these samples of Motion's new Marula Natural Therapy hair strengthening moisturizer. my younger sister is always bringing samples of something home...but i decided to try it, bc my edges keep frizzing up bc of the heat...

so i put it on last night and i must say i love it! i haven't really been uning Motions' products bc i've been using Cream of Nature and Olive Oil products. i just might go buy a full size bottle, bc my edges look SO MUCH BETTER! this stuff contains 100% marula oil from Africa...i really don't know what it is but it's suposed to moisturize, strengthen, and protect (i do want to try Dr. Miracle's temple and nape cream) i recommend this and give it 3 Diva Kisses!

i finished the last book the other day! Beverly Jenkins did it again with Sexy/Dangerous...suspenseful, sexy and a absolute page turner...definitely recommend it!

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