Busy, busy Weekend!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

it has been a CRAZY weekend! first the bf had to move in, yea we're sort of, kind of living together lol, then i started my job this weekend. i started training and i had this whole "work wearable" video that i did to put up on YT, but i didn't like the lighting, angle or anything else...so that might be a re-do...

but here's the FOTD from yesterday (saturday)

but, my weekend has been consumed in getting the bf situated, including myself, and preparing for the BEYOND LONG week that i have ahead of me...my job almost wanted me to work today, but luckily she decided to give me the day off and start the week on monday (tomorrow).

i'm not complaining, because i pull in 28 hours for the week so far, and this is just training...but i need to make sure i have myself together before the morning so i'm not running around looking like a "chicken with it's head cut off" lol...but until then...

Stay oh so Chic!

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