It's That Time Again...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

school has started and at first i was happy about it, but now i'm over it (i know! that was quick!) i think it's the classes i'm taking...i'm in my major classes, but still have those couple of classes i have to take before i get out of here, which i'm taking two of the three this semester.
can you say BORING! i had one day of philosophy and two of linguistics and i'm in complete boredomville (just made that up) philosophy i could kind of expect it, but ling...i took that my first year and it wasn't bad, but i have to take this second one to fulfill my foreign language...definitely not the same as the first one i took...

the new year also brings me back to DANCING! i absolutely love it and i'm so excited because i get to put all of these ideas, dancing and makeup into reality...i'm not going to spill the beans...the performances will be on youtube sometime this school year...but if you knew how i danced and what i created then there would be no surprise on some of the things i have planned, but the year i'm taking it even further and CANNOT wait to perform all that's in my head!

complete ramble post, but i haven't taken pics of the fits yet or the FOTD's, but will get to it...i'm actually surprised that this year i've been seeing a lot of YESES in wardrobe choices on campus opposed to last year when i saw A LOT of NO's! but it's only the beginning of the year so that could change...i hope not.

Stay oh so Chic!

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