Book Spotlight! (Erotic City)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Erotic City by PYNK

i know i just did a book spotlight, but i did say that i brought 2 books...what can i say about this book? first off i must have had one of my a.d.d. moments, because this book wasn't what i thought it was.
okay, so the title is "erotic city," but sometimes the title doesn't really mean literally. i usually read the back of the book before purchasing and i think i erased everything i read, but one sentence that made it seem like it wasn't a sex book...

"but now something threatens to close the club's doors forever: a calculating, ruthless enemy who will stop at nothing to destroy Milan's dreams..."'d think it wasn't just a sex book too. i'm going to be fair in this review, because i almost took it back when i found out what it really was about, and i'm not a big fan of majority sex scene books (i like to get to the point of the story) but this arthur pynk is a very good writer and she gives very good, in your face details. if you're into the sex type books she'll give you every single visual detail and then some...this book focuses on a female owner of a swingers sex club, milan. i never really paid attention to or wanted to know much about th swinging society, nor do i know anyone who is a part of it...when i say this is a very EXPLICIT book, i mean it and then some. besides the sex, the actual story itself was a good one, but i think the average reader would get lost in the sex scenes and lifestyle of the swingers and lose what the book is really about. the message is mostly female sexual liberation, i can understand that, but if you're not into graphic sex scenes describing oral, anal, vaginal and/or orgy activities then this is DEFINITELY NOT the book for you. i picked this up at borders as well and it ran for personal opinion, spend it on something else if you're not into that type of book, or if you like that kind of thing go ahead and buy it...

--p.s. this is more hardcore than an eric jerome dickey or zane book...

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