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Saturday, January 17, 2009

I Can Only Have so Many Loves...Maybe Not!

the weather is colder, bone chilling colder, and there is one thing that i love to keep on my feet...SOCKS! my family, the bf and sometimes friends try to clown me because i have and continually wear long, knee high tube socks. i love them because they keep me warm during the winter days and i can wear the shortest shorts, but not feel so naked...

don't get me wrong, i wouldn't walk out of the house with short shorts and tube socks unless i was either going to dance practice or to work out. believe me, i get enough stares during the warmer months walking to the student center with shorts and long socks on...people are used to seeing me in them and i'll definitely be keeping these socks around for a while!

I Dream of Socks



on another note i made a stop at target on my lunch break yesterday. quick side step...i originally went to avon to get some more 24 moisture, because i was out and that's the only thing i use on my face. it's light and airy and works well with my sensitive skin. my face can breath and i don't have breakouts...i get there looking for it, because i saw it last month, but decided to come back to get it. the guy tells me they don't carry it anymore!

i'm like, i was just in here like 2 weeks ago what happened? he said they stopped carrying it at the beginning of this month and he doesn't know why...WHAT?! so avon just disregarded the valued customers who religiously used the product without even a slight heads up. i know they knew about it for a while and i know the lady knew about it when i came in 2 weeks ago and she should've said something about it, because i def would've stocked up. so i'm upset and plan to make a call to avon personally...

but anyways...i went to target after stopping at avon and only picked up 3 things...a pack of pens (12 cents! they didn't ring up and they were the last ones so she asked the manager and they said ring them up for 12 cents, so yay me!) then i got the cutest tote
for school, because i needed a new one and i don't carry book bags anymore... plus the nivea soft moisturizing cream for my face. i keep the smaller size of this stuff in my purse and it's the only thing outside of the avon that didn't actually clog my pores or become too oily, even though the avon was the best, i'm just stuck with this...

sorry this is all over the place, but when i asked the guy what the replacement was for the 24 moisture he told me it was the hydrofrming cream which could be used for night and day. i have this stuff already and it only says for night on the container...there is no way that is a respectful dupe for the 24 moisture! that stuff is so thick and OILY that i have to barely put it on to keep from looking like a sweaty pig all day! i am so disappointed in avon right now...



but on to happier things...i got this weird card in the mail saying final notice call about recieving a free ipod shuffle, week stay at a hotel or $50 gift card...WHAT?! i'm thinking it's junk mail but i call random, this guy answers and he's like are you from SIU or some other school (can't remember) i'm hesitant like...uuhhmm...SIU...? he's like "well there's going to be a meeting/seminar at the ramada inn by the walmart and all you have to do is come, stay for the whole thing, like 30-45 minutes, and you'll be able to choose one of the 3 things."

i'm like "SERIOUSLY?" i am the QUEEN of telemarketing and BS SCAMS! do i have idot written all over my face?! of course i didn't say that, but i'm like "i don't have to do or pay anything, just show up?" and he's like yea just show up, but i have to rsvp because it's filling up i told him to sign me up and i'm going to this thing at 2 better not be a waste of my time, because i will def go off in there. they just called me this morning reminding me about we shall see, pray i leave with my gift card, because i don't want to have to start no mess!

but anyways...i hope you all are having a wonderful weekend so far! YAY NO SCHOOL MONDAY! obama is official on tuesday!!!! i won't be there in person *tear* but i will be in full obama gear representing to the fullest and i hope you are too!

Stay oh so Chic!


2 ponderers:

Yas January 18, 2009 at 6:51 AM  

That is just so sad about the Avon. How frustrating babe. As for the tube socks and it! I will rock my tube socks too with shorts cuz its cute dammit! :P You got hot legs babe so go for it!

DIVAme*E January 18, 2009 at 10:22 AM  

lol, thanks yas!

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