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Sunday, March 1, 2009

so i know i'm not posting as frequently as i usually do, but i have ALOT of stuff going on. school of course, but i still can't use my is EXTRA tight right now and i'm praying that some of these jobs i applied for call me this week. but, the job i do have switched me to a new department, shoes, so hopefully i'll get more hours...but, i would still need a second job.

my dance group is also swamped this semester with performances, so now it's some combo of going to school, work and practice. sad part is i'll be computer-less for real for a couple of days, because the bf has to send his computer to hp...yea, so idk when i'll make another post...

what's wrong with my computer...well the battery and charge cord thingy both died and it's about 70 bucks each to replace...yea

so, hopefully i can resume posting soon and prayerfully people start calling me this week for interviews...pray for me!

Stay oh so Chic!


this FOTD is from 02-08-09...yea, that long ago...

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