Camera-Less...for now

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

so the bf is in chicago and he took the wrong battery charger...he's been gone for a minute but he's supposed to be coming back this weekend so i can finally take some pictures!

i have a vicky's haul, one online that i'm waiting for in the mail and the other that i went in store and brought. i got some of the 75% off makeup. i was actually pretty late, but i still go some good stuff they were only out of 2 things that i really wanted...the light purple shadow and this coral-like lipgloss, but oh wells i might see if it's still available back in the chi.

but, until the next post that's all for now, hope the week is going good...oh yea, i finish my intersession course on friday so i'll officially be done with school until august, yay!


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