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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Okay, so i'm new to this blogging scene but not to writing or vlogging...why should i be when that's all i do in school, right?...yea, but for my first post i'm focusing on what i love THE most...FASHION! It's summer right? Well it's been oh so hot lately in my area, but the fashion sense is kind of floating out the window. I mean COME ON PEOPLE!

I do not see the wonderfulness of fashion being displayed a lot around my parts...i'm from the chicago area & the only hint of fashion i ever see is downtown (as if that's out of the norm) but you would think that more people would embrace their originality & throw a trend or 2 in just for fun!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE COLOR! so when all this hype about color fades i'll still be oh so bright! so if you're afraid the trend is too much for you or will take away from who you really are, don't be...it's all good when it's done with a lil moderation!

Stay oh so Chic

the scarves were so big during the spring & are still making an appearance on cool summer nights (& days)...i don't know exactly how long they'll be around (i hope for a while) but luckily you don't have to break the bank to look oh so chic...this scarf & so many others can be found for under $10! this scarf was purchased @ Wet Seal for $7.50!

big glasses what can i say...they will always be a staple of mine (smaller glasses just don't look right on me) but for my bold chic ladies out there (& some guys) try an orange lip...WHAT ORANGE? yep, show your chic sophistication with a bright pop of color, on the lips that is. who says ALL women don't look great in orange?

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