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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Do you ever look at your lip gloss & question why some glosses last longer than others? I'm sitting at my desk at work, it's telemarketing & I have a short attention span so it's easy for me to drift off, but I'm playing with my lip glosses ( I have been addicted since 2nd grade so you can probably picture how many I have) but I see these little makeup compact pictures on them. I knew MAC's products have a time-line on them, but I never really paid attention to my drugstore lippies...

But I pick up one of my CG Wetslicks fruit spritzers (I highly recommend you carry at least two at all times) & I see these are not expected to expire for 3 years! I expect to have gone through at least 20 by then...but I look at my Vicky's Secret lip gloss the Beauty Rush (Lotta Coolada is the best!) & I see it's only expected to last for 1 year. Something is not right if one lasts for 3 years and the other for only 1. Is it the consistency...ingredients...idk but something somewhere has to be a lil off!

Stay oh so Chic!

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush LOTTA COOLADA...

this is definitely not going to be here in 3 years:P

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