Wednesday, July 2, 2008

a fulfilling sandwich doesn't always have to be layered heavily with meat...this is one of my favorite sandwiches for any time of the year (especially for summer & staying fit) try it just once & believe me you'll want a second one!

start with your choice of bread...i prefer wheat or whole grain, but the whole grain english muffins were all gone:( but i'm using the original english muffin...

next spread one side of the bread with mayo...not both because we're keeping it a lil healthy...you could also use miracle whip but i prefer good 'ol mayo:)

add your sliced tomatoes...don't worry they're not the tainted ones! i like to buy tomatoes still connected to the vine...

add as much mustard as you want to the other slice of bread & then drizzle a lil italian dressing on top...also a slice of provolone cheese (my favorite then swiss)...

finally grab an ice cold can of Tropicana orangeade & enjoy!

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