the sale attack!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

okay so i am so loving the Prestige sheer gloss liners! i wore bonzai with a lil HIP jelly balm savory on top...

i also decided to go a lil dramatic & dark for work today...i had to whip out my HIP metallic duo again in magnetic along with other products...this was a lil different from the look i did on youtube...

i decided to give my HIP paint in steely a try & whoa did it bring the colors out!


i went to the mall when i got off of work & what a big mistake that was! it seemed like EVERYTHING was on sale except for the stuff i actually liked! i did grab a few things but had to leave before i left BROKE!

this is what i grabbed from Express minus what i got for the bf...a yellow shirt with a cut out on the back, a white tube top, & pale pink shorts (i LOVE shorts)

i only decided to get these gorgeous sandals & another scarf from Wet Seal...i almost brought the exact same sandals from Steve Madden for $50! but luckily i decided to wait & got them for only $10 at Wet Seal...this was the ONLY one in my size but they had about 6 or 7 different colors...

okay so i did a haul vid on youtube about a week ago & i showed this daily breakage relief cream by Cream of Nature (love their products!)

my hair has been shedding a lot during this past week & i started using this stuff & the shedding smells like all of their other products...not fruity or floraly, i really can't explain it:P but it's not bad...

enjoy the 4th & be safe!

Stay oh so Chic!

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