Let the Shopping Begin!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

i finally have a FOTD! i went to church this morning & pulled out my fav HIP metallic duo in sculpted out for a quick look. i also wanted to give the HIP liquid lip color in reserved a try...

after church i wanted to go by borders to see if maybe, just maybe they had a copy of the coveted Italian Vogue, which they didn't :(, but it was right next to one of my fav home (or dorm) shopping stores, Linen & Things. i wanted to get this 17-piece cookware set that was advertised for $49.99 (after $10 mail-in rebate) and also came with a free knife set.

i was going to wait to get it since there was one more week of the sale, but just decided to get it while i was there...after the rebate (which i'm mailing tomorrow!) and my 20% off coupon, i got this very nice set for a mere 40 bucks!

now it's on to the bedroom stuff...

Stay oh so Chic!

here's a video i did that was requested by one of my subbies...

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