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Thursday, July 24, 2008

i previously raved about how this was probably THE best season of So You Think You Can Dance yet and then the result show for the top 8 aired tonight...

AMERICA WAKE THE **** UP! seriously did Will, the best dancer yet (i believe), just go home? i admit i didn't see the show last night because it wasn't accessible where i was at...but i did watch the videos online and Will and Twitch should not have been in the bottom two...i mean really, i love Joshua and Mark's pretty creative...but looking at last night only, to me, it should have been the other way around...even Mark was surprised to be in the top 2.

i am very disappointed in the viewers of the show...i heard there was controversy over the "4 Real" thing which i don't get...every season they seem to pick SOMETHING to complain or nit pick about, get over it...let them have fun it's not a race or gang thing stop being so naive! then the James Brown routine he did may not have been received well, but i can say this about Will, he went all out, performed his hardest and laid his heart on the dance floor every week...the show truly lost an honest performer.

but the crazy voting, or lack there of, phenom bled onto America's Best Dance Crew putting Super Crew and Supreme Soul in the bottom...i don't always, if ever, agree with Lil Mama, but she was right about the Boogie Bots not being all that hot. i'm still upset about ASID leaving last week, they were one of the best crews...i'm just not feeling this letting america vote thing...lately they've been getting it ALL wrong. no matter how much they say pick up the phone and vote i just don't believe the voting is being based on talent...of course personality plays a part, but when THE most talented dancer is voted off, then there has to be something wrong somewhere...

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