What is a Tattoo...?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i was flipping through the latest issue of InStyle when i got to the article on Rihanna and the part where she talks about where she got her tattoos...

did you know she has 8 tattoos? i didn't either, but apparently she likes them small and in a place where it is least expected to be or can easily be hidden...i've been thinking about what my next tat would be, i know where i want it, and i already have one...but it's interesting looking at where her tats are and wondering why they're there...

my butterfly tat i have i've wanted in the space between my shoulder and chest for a while before i got it...i wear a lot of tanks, tube tops and dresses in the summer so i knew it could easily be seen and easily be hidden...i got it during my last semester of high school (that seems so long ago...)

but the LOVE tat on her finger took me by surprise, most of her tats did, but that one in particular i would have never guessed was there...including the one in her ear...RIHANNA WHERE DID YOU COME UP WITH THESE PLACES FROM?! i just thought it was interestingly different...

Stay oh so Chic!

last night i took another trip to Borders and i picked up two books...i love Francis Ray's books, especially the Grayson Novels...so i picked up one of those and it's titled Dreaming of You. i tried to start reading it last night, but i was too tired and fell asleep, but i did get to read a lil during lunch, not much, but i'm trying to fight the sleepiness so i can fully enjoy it.

the second book i got was another by Beverly Jenkins (love her books!) and it's titled Black Lace...it seems to have some mystery to it and i love my mysteries so i picked that one up...i'll let you know what i think of them soon!

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