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Saturday, August 2, 2008

i didn't really have anything planned for the day and decided to just go with the flow...i did a look video on the's a simple very, very soft pink look...

here's the vid!

and i finally have an outfit post! everything is from ON...i absolutely LOVE these shorts, they're really really short, but adore them!

i have a mini, mini haul from ON...they still have some nice stuff on sale...
(it was only $4! so i couldn't resist)

(nice for layering in the fall/winter...only $7)

(nice fit...not too tight, not too loose, only $7!)

Stay oh so Chic!

i'm am not that tall of a person...i barely make 5'4, so there is no surprise in my love of all shoes high. my legs are so short so i like to create the illusion that i'm taller than what i really am...i pair 3 1/2, 4 inch heels with shorts, a point to stiletto with boot cut or wide legged pants and tall boots with also doesn't help that my bf is kind of are a few pairs of heels i'm loving and even thinking about snagging...

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