It's Sunday!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

it's sunday! so that means of course i went to church...i tried to do a really quick look which ended up looking more pink than i wanted it to. i used the jesse's girl eye dust that looks a lil rusty with my milani spice and this is what i got...

the pictures posted for my outfit of the day is not exactly what i wore to church...i wore the shirt in the pic with skinny jeans and peep toe pumps, but quickly changed into these black shorts after church, because it was beyond hot and humid...

Stay oh so Chic!

a couple of saturdays ago i actually got the chance to sit and watch VH1's new reality show I Love Money featuring past cast members of the station's dating shows...they had a marathon running and let me to tell you i have found a new love.

i originally wasn't watching the show, because i never knew what day or time it came on (sundays @ 9/8 central) but now that i do know i make sure not to miss it...there is so much drama, backstabbing and just plan wtf in the show that it's hard not to get addicted.

one show that i'm definitely not addicted to is Brook Knows Best...she's not as entertaining without the whole family there...

the show i'm definitely waiting for to premiere tomorrow on VH1 is New York Goes to Hollywood! i LOVE New York, she is absolutely funny and i believe the show will be so entertaining...but that's my take on a couple of VH1 reality shows, i'm definitely not going to go into all the shows they have premiering in the everyone trying to have a reality show? i mean seriously.

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