So Gray...

Friday, September 19, 2008

long time since i've done a post...i know, but the computer is STILL not fixed...but moving on...

apparently gray is the new black this season (it's been the new black for me for a while now) but i thought i'd put together an outfit just to show my style...just a lil bit

but i'm so loving these open front cardigans, the sweaters with no buttons. i feel we as women, and guys too, should be able to be stylish and still comfy. for some reason i think i'm supposed to be living in cali or somewhere in florida like miami where i'm not restricted by the full on blow of the breezy cold...but back on topic...i'm feeling the gray and the comfy, but oh so chic styles for the season. fall/ winter is my favorite time of year...but just thought i'd give a little insight.

everything is from F21, and those shoes are to DIE for!

Stay oh so Chic!

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