Friday, September 5, 2008

i think my computer got mad at me, because after i posted on monday feeling good about getting back into the swing of computer died! i'm pretty sure i've figured out that it's the hard i'm trying to find some cheaper solutions to my problem.

no thanks to HP who didn't have the courtesy or decency to send me an email saying, "hey your warranty expires in a week!" or something of the like. no, the tell me when i call, "oh, your warranty expired 5 days ago...sorry there nothing we can do, but you can pay us $50 to troubleshoot, then $300 to ship it to us if the problem is the hard drive!"

sorry, i'm not paying $50 for them to do something i figured out how to do on my own...and BEST BUY isn't any better! $60 to figure out what the problem is and then $300 to do the labor, but oh have to spend another $100 to get a new hard drive! NO THANK YOU!

so now it's looking like i'm going to do the installing myself and find a someone who can help me get the data back on my computer for CHEAP! i think i've found this place by my school so i'm definitely going to check them out, because spending 2-3 hours at the computer lab when i already don't have any time is NOT working!

if anyone has any suggestions or advice, PLEASE HELP ME! HP needs to definitely re-adjust their technical support and BEST BUY needs to get realistic...

i know i sound like i'm complaining, but if you went through what i've been going through since i came back down to school you would feel the same way! why does the bad things always happen when you leave home...?

Stay oh so Chic!

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